Latest Boubou Ankara Gown Designs

A boubou is probably the comfiest dress you can ever find. It’s perfect for any body type, is very lightweight, comes in an endless range of Ankara fabrics, and is the perfect outfit to wear to a variety of casual occasions. No wonder boubou Ankara gowns are so popular among Nigerian fashionistas, and here are 10 latest Ankara boubou styles to inspire you.

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1. Style #1

Christmas may be over, but there is still plenty of time to wear Christmas-inspired designs. The green fabric of this boubou, along with the red bow, instantly make you think about Christmas, and this dress is the ideal piece to wear for winter activities.

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2. Style #2

Boubou gowns are loved for their simplicity, but the understated shape of a boubou dress doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with accents and embellishments. The fabulous sleeves in this dress make the whole look very memorable and elevate your style.


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3. Style #3

Boubou gowns are typically seen as casual wear, but with a few easy tricks, you can easily upgrade any boubou design and make it fit for the most special occasions. All it takes is a more fitted silhouette, matching headwear, and shiny decorations to make your look flawless.


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4. Style #4

This year has changed every aspect of our lives, including fashion. A year ago, we thought face masks were only for medical professionals, and now fashionistas are trying hard to match their face masks to their outfits. We personally love this example of this trend!

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5. Style #5

The most popular variety of a boubou Ankara dress is a floor-length gown, but the variety doesn’t stop there. Short boubou gowns are equally beloved by women of all ages, and you can wear them on their own or as tunics paired with skinny trousers and leggings.


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6. Style #6

We have already talked about boubou gowns being seen as casual wear, but with the right styling and attitude, there is nothing casual about your look. This Ankara boubou gown, complete with a headscarf, killer sunglasses, and a supermodel pose, can become your most elegant piece ever.

7. Style #7

One of the reasons why boubou dresses are so popular is that they are very forgiving to the little imperfections in your figure, but if you want a more streamlined look that highlights your slim body, a little play with different fabrics can bring you the desired result.


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8. Style #8

Some of the most stylish looks are created when Ankara is used as an accent, not as the primary fabric, and here is a great example of this trend. The animal print material easily stands out on its own, but the use of Ankara in this boubou dress turns it into high fashion.

9. Style #9

All it takes to create a fantastic boubou outfit is an eye-catching piece of Ankara fabric, some matching decorations, and a comfy design that you can wear for hours without even feeling it. A matching headscarf and fierce sunglasses will complete your look.


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10. Style #10

At the same time, the most classic version of an Ankara boubou gown with no extra decorations or accessories, can also become your best outfit in a long time. As long as you love the fabric and the dress fits you perfectly, the look is always going to work.

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