Best Ankara Outfits For Church

In Nigerian culture, a Sunday visit to the church is not just about spiritual guidance and connecting with the higher power. It’s also about spending time with the family, socializing with the people from the neighbourhood, and, of course, rocking the latest church fashion. Here are 10 Ankara outfits for church you will love!

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1. Style #1

Creating a demure and appropriate outfit for church doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your look. A combination of two contrasting colours in one outfit will make your look completely unique without making it revealing or inappropriate.

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2. Style #2

The good news is that there are no strict rules for dressing for church and you can wear anything you find suitable for the occasion. It also means that you can wear any colours and patterns you want, and if you can’t choose between two of your favourite patterns, an Ankara dress with mixed prints is your best option.

3. Style #3

If you want to design a new outfit that you can wear not only to church, but also to a variety of other, more casual occasions, you probably don’t need a floor-length gown. Instead, a cute and relaxed shirt dress with a universal print can be exactly what you need.

4. Style #4

Ideally, you want your new outfit to be suitable for church, modern, and flattering to your figure without showing too much. It can be hard to achieve, but with the help of a skilled tailor, you can get a church Ankara dress that fits you perfectly.

5. Style #5

When you are looking for a fresh idea for your next church outfit, why not go for a combination of Ankara and plain fabric? If you find the right pairing, both fabrics will look even better than before and you will be rewarded with hundreds of admiring glances.

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6. Style #6

If you want to take a practical approach with your new church look, it’s completely understandable – there is no need to spend thousands on an outfit you’ll only wear once or twice. In that case, consider getting a beautiful Ankara skirt and then just pairing it with your favourite tops and blouses.

7. Style #7

A long Ankara dress with a beautiful pattern is one of the most popular options for church outings, and for a good reason. There are lots of ways to design your perfect maxi gown, and with a choice of hundreds of prints, you will find the right one no matter how specific your taste in clothing is.

8. Style #8

If you want to use your next Sunday visit to church as a way to showcase your impeccable fashion style, a regular Ankara dress may not be unique enough. However, this trouser suit is not only perfectly appropriate for church, but is also an example of high-end fashion.

9. Style #9

There are many reasons to love this Ankara dress. The combination of prints is simply gorgeous, the fit is perfect, and the addition of pockets can make any outfit better. Most importantly, it’s a great option for an appropriate yet trendy church look.

10. Style #10

If you have killer curves and want to showcase them while being perfectly appropriate to the occasion, consider getting an Ankara bodycon dress. It’s a perfect way to put your best features forward and get a stunning church outfit at the same time.

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