Ankara Peplum Top Styles You Will Love

Ankara clothing comes in dozens of varities, but few of them are as popular as peplum tops. This is not surprising, as Ankara peplum tops fit any figure perfectly, are available in every design imaginable, and can be worn with nearly any bottoms, from shorts to maxi skirts. Here are 10 Ankara peplum top styles you will love!

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1. Style #1

Some of the greatest Ankara looks are created when the top and the bottom have similar patterns but are not completely identical. The smart use of the Ankara fabric in this outfit creates an interesting combination that looks fantastic both together and on its own.

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2. Style #2

A colourful Ankara peplum top is one of the easiest but most effective ways to upgrade a monochrome everyday look. Vibrant Ankara patterns can be successfully paired with any other colours and they work best with the most basic shades such as black.

3. Style #3

You are probably used to seeing a certain type of Ankara peplum tops more often the others, but once in a while, there is a new style that catches your attention. This sexy Ankara top with an open neckline can definitely become a fresh addition to your wardrobe.

4. Style #4

If you love wearing jeans but want to take your comfy denim outfit to the next level, an Ankara peplum top is exactly what you need. The Ankara pattern will add a pop of colour to your outfit and will allow you to wear basic blue jeans to nearly any occasion.


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5. Style #5

When choosing a style for your next Ankara peplum top, you don’t need to choose an all-Ankara outfit. Adding lace to your Ankara peplum top will help you take the outfit to the next level and easily match it to any fancy bottoms.

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6. Style #6

An Ankara peplum top is such a universal piece of clothing that you can easily incorporate it into your work wardrobe. When paired with an understated black pencil skirt, an Ankara peplum top looks even more striking and appropriate for work.

7. Style #7

The beauty of a custom-made Ankara peplum top is that you can go for as much or as little volume as you want. A peplum top with lots of fabric at the bottom adds balance to your figure and helps you achieve the coveted hourglass shape.

8. Style #8

You don’t see Ankara peplum tops with long sleeves too often, but here is proof that they can work as good or even better than short-sleeved tops. Plus, this particular outfit is so meticulously styled that you can easily imagine it on the cover of a fashion magazine.

9. Style #9

This peplum outfit is perfect for special occasions and can be easily mistaken for a dress, but it’s actually a combination of a peplum top and a skirt. With an ability to wear the two pieces separately, you can create twice as many fantastic outfits!

10. Style #10

Mix and match outfits remain one of the leading fashion trends in Nigeria and you can easily recreate it with your new favourite Ankara top. These two patterns don’t look too similar, but the similarities in their colour scheme make them perfect for each other and for other pieces.

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