Ankara Styles For Couples And Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

One of the most effective ways to showcase your bond as a couple and make it obvious you are deeply in love is to wear matching outfits. You can do it for a special romantic photoshoot or simply when you feel like it, and here are 10 Ankara styles for couples that will make you want to upgrade your outfit collection.

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1. Style #1

Some of the best Ankara styles for couples are created when the two outfits share the same theme instead of being a complete match. The woman’s dress pairs nicely with the man’s waistcoat, and the great thing about this look is that both pieces can be worn again and again.

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2. Style #2

If you want to be practical about your choice of a new Ankara outfit, you definitely don’t want to invest in a dress or shirt that you’ll only wear once. Going for a classic outfit cut but choosing a striking fabric will easily make you stand out without going overboard.

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3. Style #3

When you want to get a matching couple of Ankara outfits but are not in the mood for a big, flashy dress, a good idea is to get something you’ve wanted for a long time but never had. Ankara trousers are comfy, flattering, modern, and a perfect match for the man’s Ankara shirt.

4. Style #4

The beauty of Ankara styles for couples is that you can incorporate as much or as little Ankara as you want into your look. Neither the man nor the woman needs to go all-in with their new Ankara outfits, so even a subtle use of the fabric in your matching look will still be cute and striking.

5. Style #5

A matching but not identical couple’s look is the perfect time to reinstate the traditional male and female way of dressing. This Ankara dress is exceptionally feminine and classy, while the guy’s Ankara shirt, made from the same material, looks perfectly manly and more casual.

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6. Style #6

When you are designing matching Ankara outfits for a special event – for example, your friend’s wedding – both looks should be trendy, impeccably styled, and fit to the occasion. A maxi Ankara gown and a stylish white Agbada with Ankara highlights is your perfect idea of a new look.

7. Style #7

You are probably paying a lot of attention to the fabric of your new matching outfits, but the fit is just as important. Even the most beautiful dress or shirt won’t make the right impression if it doesn’t fit well. That is why, behind every gorgeous Ankara look for a couple, there is a skilled and talented tailor.

8. Style #8

The couple who has fun together is destined to stay together, and this statement is even more true when you are having fun in perfectly matching Ankara outfits. A pre-wedding photoshoot is a memory that will stick around with you forever, so it makes sense to do it in outfits that you both like.

9. Style #9

Some couples are so inherently stylish that you can tell they are not just wearing a new outfit for the photos – they actually love dressing up and feel comfortable even in the boldest outfits. If that’s the case with your couple, there are virtually no limits for your new matching Ankara look.

10. Style #10

If Ankara is more than just some fabric to you and you want to showcase your love for this material along with your love for your continent, here is an idea you will like. A couple of matching T-shirts with an Africa-shaped Ankara print will look fantastic both in a photoshoot and in real life.

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