Kimono Ankara Jackets You Would Love

A kimono Ankara jacket looked like a complete novelty only a few years ago, but it’s now one of the mainstays in Nigerian fashion. An Ankara kimono jacket goes well with everything, is perfect for every body type, and comes in a variety of options. Here are 10 kimono Ankara jacket styles you will love!

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1. Style #1

A short-sleeved kimono Ankara jacket is the perfect piece for the summer when you don’t really need an extra layer of clothes but want to upgrade your style for a special occasion.

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2. Style #2

You can usually see a kimono Ankara jacket being paired with another piece underneath it like a dress or trousers with a top, but a tied jacket can also look like the cutest Ankara dress on its own.


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3. Style #3

When you are in love with the pattern of your kimono Ankara jacket and want to make it stand out, there is no better way to do it than to pair your new jacket with a black top and black skinny jeans.


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4. Style #4

Like most women in the world, you probably have your favourite casual look that you can wear multiple times without getting tired, but throwing an Ankara kimono jacket over it is a fantastic way to make it more interesting.

5. Style #5

This combination of ripped jeans, a white tank top, and comfy slippers looks like the perfect outfit for running errands, but adding a kimono Ankara jacket instantly elevates it and makes it a great option for any occasion.

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6. Style #6

When you want to approach your exquisite style and your elegant approach to fashion, all you need is to pair two colours in the most stylish way possible. This yellow dress and purple Ankara kimono jacket are a great example.


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7. Style #7

When you want your new outfit to truly stand out, you can always go for matching pieces. This Ankara kimono jacket would be a fantastic piece on its own, but the skirt really completes the look and there is nothing we would change about it.

8. Style #8

When you are pairing your Ankara kimono jacket with something as understated as a little black dress, you can be more daring with your jacket style. Adding some eye-catching details, such as frilled sleeves, will make your look absolutely unique.

9. Style #9

Layering is a hot fashion technique that allows you to showcase more of your favourite pieces at once, and here is how you can layer your long-sleeved dress and your short-sleeved Ankara kimono with maximum success.

10. Style #10

A kimono Ankara jacket is a very versatile piece. You can rock it with the most high-fashion outfits to special occasions, but it can also be your perfect piece for just lounging around and enjoying yourself no matter where you are.

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