Corporate Ankara Gown Styles For 9 to 5 Women

Being a working woman is rewarding, but also tough for a number of reasons, including the need to tailor your personal style to your workplace requirements. The good news is that there are now plenty of ways to enjoy your favourite styles in a corporate setting, and here are the latest corporate Ankara gown styles for you to consider.

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1. Style #1

A midi-length, sheath Ankara dress is probably the most popular variety of corporate Ankara styles. Its design and shape are perfectly appropriate for the workplace, but since you can choose pretty much any Ankara pattern you like, your outfit will still look unique.

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2. Style #2

You can easily get away even with a shorter length of your Ankara dress if you pair it with a matching jacket. You can even wear the dress on its own to other occasions and only use the jacket to make it better suited for work. And the monochrome colour palette works perfectly in a corporate environment.

3. Style #3

Ankara is a somewhat fancy fabric, while denim is one of the most commonly used fabrics in the world, so this combination is bound to be successful. Ankara with denim is a timeless pairing, and there are lots of ways to use it in a workplace setting.


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4. Style #4

When you want to design a new corporate Ankara style, you can use as much or as little Ankara as you want and your outfit will still look very impressive. In this particular outfit, Ankara pattern is used as a colourful accent and instantly elevates the whole look.

5. Style #5

Rocking Ankara to work means you can go with any pattern that caught your attention as long as the shape and length of the dress is appropriate for the workplace. In the case of this dress, the eye-catching pattern works perfectly with the understated cut of the gown.

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6. Style #6

Pockets can make any women’s outfit better, and a corporate Ankara dress is no exception. Pockets are a comfy and practical addition to any dress, and the best news is that you can successfully incorporate pockets into nearly any style of dresses you want.

7. Style 7

Using Ankara as patches in your new corporate dress is a very smart move. You can get away with using even the most striking pattern even under the strictest dress code if you simply go for Ankara fragments instead of getting a whole dress from the same material.


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8. Style #8

Right until the neckline, this looks like the most work-appropriate dress you’ve ever seen, but the neckline and the sleeves are where the action happens. This clever use of Ankara is perfect for working women because it allows you to follow the workplace guidelines while still having a little fun with your look.


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9. Style #9

Sheath and bodycon dresses may be the most popular types of gowns to wear to work, but it doesn’t mean you cannot play a little with shapes. A flared Ankara dress with pockets can be just as work-appropriate as a sheath dress, so if it’s more up your alley, there is no reason why you can’t choose it.

10. Style #10

Here is another look where Ankara is used very sparingly but still makes the whole outfit shine. Black is such a universal colour that you can successfully pair any Ankara pattern with it – or even several of them if more than one Ankara fabric caught your attention!

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