Latest Ankara Skirt And Blouse Styles 2021

The popularity of Ankara skirt and blouse styles needs no explanation. Ankara skirt and blouse outfits look perfect on any figure, are perfectly appropriate even for the most demanding occasions, and can be easily tailored to your personal style. Here are 10 latest Ankara skirt and blouse style for your fashion inspiration.

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1. Style #1

Ankara styles give you plenty of room for fashion experiments and trying new things, but with the right pattern and a flawless fit, you don’t need any style experiments to look good. Just find an Ankara pattern that is complementary to your taste and let it do the work!

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2. Style #2

The most traditional version of an Ankara skirt and blouse outfit is when the blouse and the skirt are a complete match, but you don’t always need to go with this solution if you’re in the mood for something else. Here is how you can flawlessly merge two patterns into one charming outfit.


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3. Style #3

This is probably the most traditional version of an Ankara skirt and blouse outfit you can imagine, and if you are searching for a new Ankara look that can be worn to all kinds of occasions, this is the design you should probably go for. The gorgeous, slightly dramatic print also helps!


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4. Style #4

When we are talking about a flawless fit of an outfit, this is exactly what we mean. This outfit is tailored to perfection and showcases the best parts of the figure in a very subtle but very effective way. The darker colour palette of this look is gorgeous as well.

5. Style #5

When you’re in the mood for a play on a traditional Ankara skirt and blouse look, there are lots of options you can try. However, adding lace to your Ankara outfit is probably the easiest and most effective to make both fabrics stand out and to make your outfit exquisite.

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6. Style #6

Even the most perfect outfit can be instantly upgraded by adding extra details. The Ankara pattern of this look is absolutely lovely, but it’s the eye-catching green detailing on the neckline and the peplum that makes the whole outfit even more unique.

7. Style #7

A successful Ankara skirt and blouse outfit is about the three things: a beautiful pattern, a gorgeous fit, and outstanding detailing that makes the outfit different from anything else you’ll see in the street. This lovely Ankara look has it all plus the confidence of the wearer!

8. Style #8

Ankara is such a versatile fabric that you can create a completely one-of-a-kind look using just one Ankara pattern. However, adding a contrasting fabric elevates the look and make both materials stand out while still complimenting each other.

9. Style #9

No matter what you personally love in fashion, florals are always a foolproof choice of an outfit. If you want to create a look you’ll repeatedly wear both every day and to special occasion, a floral combination of an Ankara skirt and blouse is the way to go.


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10. Style #10

Traditionally, Ankara skirt and blouse outfits feature long skirts, but your new look can be even more striking if you go for a short skirt. In this outfit, the short skirt is perfectly balanced by the demure blouse, and the whole look has perfect proportions.

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