2021 Latest Ankara Styles For Kids

Ankara is such a popular and versatile fabric that it can be used for all kinds of styles and occasions, including children’s fashion. Ankara styles for kids are a great option for a photoshoot, a party, or even simply a day with the family. Here are 10 Ankara styles for kids to try in 2021!

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1. Style #1

Little kids look simply adorable when they are wearing children’s versions of adult outfits. You can easily imagine this Ankara jumpsuit from two different patterns on an adult fashionista, but it looks even more special on a little one.

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2. Style #2

When you and your baby girl are getting ready for a special occasion like a birthday, the perfect outfit should be even more striking. This black and white ball gown uses Ankara in a subtle but stylish way and will definitely become any little girl’s favourite.


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3. Style #3

And when you want to add a pop of colour into your daughter’s wardrobe without going for a too formal outfit, an Ankara skirt is a perfect solution. It can be worn with all kinds of tops, but a white tank top truly make the Ankara pattern stand out.

4. Style #4

Little boys also love Ankara, and it’s safe to say that they look extra handsome in it! Ankara can be used in all kinds of boys’ outfits, but these suits with shorts and jackets are an especially smart choice for any occasion.

5. Style #5

For a little princess with an exquisite taste, a long-sleeved Ankara gown is the best possible outfit to rock to any event. The colourful Ankara pattern, paired with a charming blouse material, creates a unique and utterly stylish look.

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6. Style #6

The use of Ankara in a children’s outfit can be as major or as subtle as you want. For example, this glorious ball gown features just a little Ankara fragment, but this fragment makes the whole outfit stand out in a totally unique way.

7. Style #7

When your little gentleman is getting ready for school or for another formal occasion, you probably cannot go all in on colours and patterns like you’d normally want to. However, an Ankara shirt is not only perfectly appropriate, but can also be worn with any trousers or jeans your baby boy already has in his closet.

8. Style #8

We’ve said before that miniature versions of adult outfits look particularly adorable on kids, and this is another proof of this trend. A shirt dress is very popular among adult fasnionistas, but this version made with Ankara is perfect for little girls.

9. Style #9

Ankara dresses are perfect for a family look. Ankara patterns look fabulous on girls of any age, and there are lots of Ankara styles you can wear both as a little girl and an adult woman. Personally, we love this version of an Ankara family look!

10. Style #10

When you and your baby girl are getting ready to celebrate a very important event – like her own birthday – the girl’s new outfit should reflect the significance of the occasion. And what better way to achieve it than with an adorable Ankara and tulle gown!

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