Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Phone Camera Besides Taking Pictures

Ever since cameraphones and smartphone with cameras were invented, they gradually replaced regular cameras. With a mobile phone, you have a camera in your pocket at all times and can capture any moment. However, your phone’s camera can do much more than just take photos, and here are the best things to do with your smartphone camera.

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1. Enjoy augmented reality

Augmented reality became very popular in the past few years and you may have already had some experience with it. AR works great on any smartphone as long as you use the right app. These days, you can use the augmented reality technology for anything, from adding fun stickers and effects to your photos to trying on new clothes in an online store. There are even apps that allow you to virtually design your room, so the opportunities are nearly endless.

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2. Research things

Like millions of people around the world, you are probably using Google Photos to store, view, and edit your pics. It also turns out that you can use this app and your camera to find information about any object in your photos. When you open the photo, simply find the lens icon in the bottom part of the screen. The app will recognize the object, whether it’s a famous person, a plant, or a well-known building, and fetch the information about it from the internet.

3. Use as a security monitor

There are situations when you want to know what’s happening in another location without being physically present there. This is where your phone’s camera can come in handy. To make this work, you will need another device for viewing the footage and a streaming app, which can be free or paid. Simply install the camera phone in the target location and watch the room from your own location. You can use it as a security monitor or a baby monitor when you are babysitting.

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4. Scan and store documents

The camera on your phone can act as a scanner, and the software can keep your documents stored on your phone in convenient folders. You can scan anything from letters to business cards and keep them in your phone’s memory forever. The Google Drive app for Android, as well as several other apps, also come with a text recognition feature, which can turn photos into text in a matter of seconds. Now you’ll never lose important documents again!

5. Translate text

A translation app can be indispensable when you travel to other countries, but it can also be very helpful even when you don’t leave your home too often. You can translate anything from food labels to menu items with the help of a translation app. And when you don’t need to type the text manually and can just do it with your phone’s camera, it’s going to save you lots of time. The best app for this is the free Google Translate app, but you can also do it with the stock camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its later versions.

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