Ankara Wrap Top Styles You Will Love

An Ankara wrap top is a timeless, classic style that goes well with everything. It’s flattering, versatile, and perfect for any shape and personal style. If you don’t own any Ankara wrap tops yet, it’s time to correct that, and here are 10 Ankara wrap top styles to inspire your new purchase.

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1. Style #1

The edgy and casual vibe of the ripped jeans works so well with an elegant Ankara wrap top that we can’t imagine a better pairing for a lovely day out with your girlfriends.

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2. Style #2

If you want your Ankara wrap top to stand out, you’ll need to achieve the desired effect with some unusual detailing. In this look, the combination of spaghetti straps and puffy sleeves works great and elevates the look.

3. Style #3

Skinny jeans and leggings are probably the most popular item to pair with an Ankara wrap top. It creates a perfect balance in your shape and is super comfortable to wear. It can also become a successful workplace outfit!

4. Style #4

A long-sleeve Ankara wrap top instantly makes you look like a diva. When you get it, it’s probably going to be one of the most elegant pieces in your wardrobe, and the best thing about it is that you can paid it with pretty much any bottoms and still look fabulous.

5. Style #5

There are many reasons to love these white bell-bottomed trousers. They are undoubtedly a bold fashion choice and they give you nearly endless opportunities for styling. Any top will look good with them, but a colourful Ankara wrap top is one of the best choices.

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6. Style #6

Getting some matching accessories to go with your Ankara styles is a genius move and it’s the best way to show off your love for a particular fabric. We love this charming Ankara print on its own, but it really shines in this outfit.


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7. Style #7

Here is how you can tie two different pieces into a single outfit while still being able to wear those pieces separately and still look fantastic. Using the same fabric but in different proportions makes the outfit complete and simply flawless.

8. Style #8

There are two things we love about this Ankara wrap top outfit. The first one is the gorgeous black leather leggings that are one of the must-have pieces of the past years. The second one is the construction of the top, which allows you to wear it over any colour.


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9. Style #9

We all know that the colourful, vibrant Ankara print looks particularly well with monochrome fabrics, and here is the best example of this rule. This Ankara wrap top gets on the next level when being paired with a simple but elegant pencil skirt.

10. Style #10

Pairing an Ankara wrap top with something tight-fitting like skinny jeans or leggings allows you to showcase your fit body, but if you want to create a perfect balance, here is an idea to try: a top and a skirt that match in volume and have similar detailing on the bottom.

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