How To Stay Fit

Nobody is perfect, but almost everyone is trying to be. Fortunately or unfortunately, the appearance means a lot to many people nowadays. On the one hand, it is now very good, because in a rush for slim waist and beautiful legs one can absolutely forget about the meaning of the inner world. On the other hand, the fact that it’s important for people to care about themselves and look better.

The extreme means like hunger or exhausting trainings are never good. Try to find the optimal way to keep fit, feel good and look nice. Jiji is here to give you an advice on how to do it easily and healthy.


Love yourself

Young woman looking in mirror

Let’s start with the psychological view on this topic. You may not believe it, but loving yourself is really important for your state. If you have some bad thoughts about yourself, try to get ri of it and find something attractive in yourself. Never say anything rude about your body or personality, because it can negatively influence you even on the physical level.

You must know what people say: the one who does not love him-/herself, can’t be loved by the others. There is definitely something wonderful about you. Look more carefully and see what is good in you: maybe it’s your hair, or eyes, or smile, or hands. Or maybe you have some special talent like writing poems? If you haven’t tried yet, go on. Or maybe there is something more special about your character? Maybe you are very open-hearted and kind, and that is your best trait?

Analyze yourself carefully, and I bet that you will find something to love yourself for. And then, when you get it, the feeling of harmony will come. You will see how easy it is to wake up in the morning and to smile at your reflection in the mirror.


Sleeping schedule


It may be surprising, put the fixed sleeping pattern is also very important for good health and shape. If you have a lack of sleep, which happens very often in a crazy rhythm of life, it may cause gaining weight, because organism tries to save some sources for living.

Besides, the cells of our organism renew while we sleep, so, if we don’t get enough of the night rest, we look and feel worse, because the natural inner processes get slow.


Train your body


If you want to keep fit, forget about laziness. It will be the number one enemy you’ll have to fight.

Make the simple morning exercises your new useful habit. It does not only let you be slender, but also is a perfect way to start your day, because it wakes you up and prepares the organism for the working day. Stretching after the exercise will help your muscles relax.

You can take some alternative activities instead of the exercise, for example, jogging. If you have some sports training apparatus at home, you can also use it for the morning warm-up. Activities are various, it’s you who chooses.

A morning shower is also necessary to make your skin fresh and elastic and to feel better all in all after the training.

Make it regular. You can take some extra evening trainings. A couple of times a week would be enough to keep your body in tonus. Just make sure it is not too late, so you won’t go to bad in the middle of the night.

Take a bath once a week. It will clean your skin from inside and heal some small scratches you got at the training. Moreover, a bath is not only useful, but also very pleasant and relaxing. Try to take one after the hard week, and you will make sure of it.

Move more. And by moving I mean walking. Don’t use an elevator or public transport, if you have the time and possibility to go by feet.


Beware of what you eat


It has been actively discussed for some time, because a healthy lifestyle has suddenly become very popular all over the world. And the foundation of such a lifestyle, of course, is healthy food.

So, if you want to keep fit, think of your ration.

Don’t eat fastfood and products fried with a big amount of oil. We all know the after-effects.

If you can’t cut down on bread, try its wholegrain sorts.

Drink 1,5 liters of water per day. Don’t forget about a glass of water 30 minutes before the meal.

Eat more of the vegetables and fruit. Even when it’s not their season, they are still much healthier than most of the other food.

Don’t skip meals. Fix your eating pattern and try to eat at the same time every day.

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So, here are the main rules of keeping fit. Be happy with yourself!