5 Best Places To Go For Extreme

Are you bored of the comfort hotels and standard touristic march routes? It’s time to try something “spicy” then! Here’re 5 BEST PLACES to visit.

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1. Sawcut vacation


Do you want to feel yourself like you’re up in the air? I mean literally. There’s nothing easier than that!


Choose arboristics! But not a standard one which is more about communicating with the nature, but an extreme one. You’ll never get bored in such arboristic trip. How is it possible to get bored while sitting on the upper canopy of the trees for as long as three days? But if you do get bored you may take a good book out of your backpack for the full specter of adrenaline buzz you better set forth to the highlands of Europe and Northern America – where this kind of active vacation is especially popular.


2. Impenetrable jungle


There are heavenward mountains, a fire bursting forth from the bowels of the earth, cold on the mountain tops and a hot tropical sun. It’s easy to feel yourself a pioneer explorer here – you’re welcome to the impenetrable jungle.

9oSwBpEQ2YsBe ready not only for unexpected meetings with its inhabitants but also for the rough temperature changes. Not scared? Then go for it!

3. Canyoning


If you’re a wheeler-dealer in climbing the cliffs and in waterfall swimming and you are feeling like doing both of those things at the same time – then canyoning is the best kind of extreme vacation for you. This leisure time activity is an ideal one for first-timers.

ODnOnfhd0Cc An unexpected pleasure for them will be the process of passing the canyons from up to down and not on the contrary. Don’t forget to prepare yourself with appropriate equipment so you are feeling safe.



4. Conquer the desert


Another trending kind of active resting – is a walking expedition through the deserts. Such walking takes around 4 days during which you’ll have to get acquainted with suspicious flora and fauna of the sands – the spiders, scorpions, bugs, lizards and snakes. You can conquer any desert. And you may relish from it the whole year long.


5. In the footsteps of ancient civilizations


Is the world’s history your passion? But the museum excursions bring you melancholy. Feel yourself an Indiana Jones or Laura Croft going to the ancient place of inks.

4sRA9PeWAyQThe tiring passage through the mountain ranges and impenetrable jungle will definitely bring you a reward – unforgettable impressions that you won’t be able experience in any guide book.

It doesn’t matter what place you decide to go to, just remember one thing – get from traveling the most! 


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