In order to never feel bored of life and always have something to do, you definitely need to find a hobby. Challenge yourself to try completely new things. Agree, it’s a way better than lying on the coach and clicking the TV remote. Become attractive in all women’s eyes and pick up one of the manly hobbies opened for your attention that suits you best.

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Playing the guitar

Being able to play any musical instrument is a great advantage of any man. All the chicks are crazy about men who can play and sing. If you haven’t tried playing before, you should start with the guitar. It is the cheapest and probably the easiest musical instrument to learn. Moreover, you won’t need any special courses to learn playing the guitar. You may just look for some CDs tutorial which can provide you with instructive information of basic learning.


Another advantage of guitar is its portability. You may use it when going for camping. And at nights when sitting around the bonfire you can sing famous songs together with your friends.

Camping & Backpacking

Can you answer one question for yourself – why do you sometimes feel so restless and unhappy? The answer is because you’ve lost the connection with the Mother Nature, and that’s the essential part of every human being. All of us need some sort of reunion with the surrounding that has brought us here. Camping is one of the best ways out.


Take a vacation, call your friends, pack your bag with all the necessary camping gear and start your trip. You’ll see how much better it is going to reflect on your health and physical condition. Probably, you will enjoy it so much as to call it your hobby. Why not? Girls like men who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mountain Cycling

Ob_ue6jfQdwMountain biking is one of the most extreme sports on our list of hobbies. Not only it is an extreme and definitely manly kind of sport, it’s also an extreme workout. Whether it’s on the trail or in the bike lane, cycling is a fantastic way to see the world through which you move in clearer detail than driving affords. As well, you’ll improve your health and your ability to assess upcoming obstacles. Go ahead and invest in a good cycle and safety gear. You won’t regret the purchase. Mountain biking is a lot of fun and, just like hiking, gets you to the parts of nature that are otherwise difficult to access.

Rock sports & Climbing

QWpwGkLisRgRock climbing is quite an extreme kind of sports and it’s essential to ensure your safety with proper gear and training. Rock climbing teaches you to actively evaluate your immediate environment, focus on details, and plan your moments. It’s always a rush to feel you’ve succeeded and to know every inch of the rock face you just climbed with every sense you possess.

The easiest way to begin rock climbing is by learning the ropes at an indoor gym. Once you get the basics of safety and technique down, take your new hobby outside; even if you don’t live in a place blessed with majestic cliffs, you may be surprised to find lesser-known local areas with good climbing. It is a good way to broaden your knowledge about local area and to impress your girlfriend with a new hobby.


Someone might say that it’s not really a manly hobby but how many women are there who love to be photographed and what a great advantage you get if you can do it really on a professional level. With digital cameras and digital editing software becoming cheaper, photography as a hobby is more popular and accessible than ever.


Another benefit of photography is that you can combine it with other interests of yours. If you like traveling, why not take a camera with you and picture everything that seems interesting for you? If you are into observing people’s emotions, why not capture sudden, funny, weird impressions of their faces? Photography is the hobby relating to freezing the beauty. Why not become a Beauty Creator?

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Everyone knows that the best chefs are definitely men. Plus cooking is a cheap and accessible hobby to take up. A true man doesn’t need a restaurant or significant other to feed himself; he just needs some fresh ingredients, a fire and some utensils. Besides, you save a lot of money as it’s a way cheaper to cook yourself than going out or ordering food. Another advantage of cooking is that you eat healthy food and that you know what ingredients your meal contains.


When you’re first getting started, cook from recipes. They’ll teach you basic cooking skills and how the flavors of different ingredients work together. Impress your girlfriend with such a useful hobby of yours.

Programming & digital designing

This hobby is not for women for sure. Programming and coding has traditionally been a male pastime. Besides, all our future stands after the innovative technology. Wouldn’t you like to be the one to create a super-useful program for a computer, cell phone or a tablet that would operate with multiple tasks? You know, girls tend to like smart guys who succeed in life. And so having programming as your hobby would be highly appreciated.


But keep in mind that it’s not the easiest choice to make. If you decide to start programming, you better take some intro courses to learn the necessary basics. It is difficult, and it probably will take much of your time to catch the point, but nevertheless, it is worth it as if you learn programming quite well, you might turn it into your source of income. And it is paid quite well nowadays.


Motorcycling is one of the most classic hobbies for men. It’s a lot of fun and gives you a ton of freedom, flexibility and speed. It is also not that much expensive to buy a motorcycle as compared to a car. But how many advantages you get from owning this vehicle. It is one of the most gas efficient modes of transportation and it allows you to zip through traffic.


When driving a car you are just a passive observer and it is all moving by you boringly in a frame. On a cycle the frame is gone. You’re completely in contact with it all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming.


Shooting is definitely one of the fun hobbies to have. It is really easy to start and almost impossible to deny. One great part about shooting is that once you learn the basics, you have access to a wide range of different types of shooting. Some of them are: skeet shooting, long range target shooting, hunting, trap shooting.


Another kind of hobby that involves shooting is paintball. It brings you a lot of fun when playing with your friends. Besides, it gives you some memories about your childhood when you used to play with toy water guns. Moreover, the equipment for paintball is not expensive and you can both buy or rent it.

Body Building & Weight Lifting

Body building is one of the most popular hobbies for men because it’s a great way to stay healthy and get into shape. There is no girl who doesn’t like observing a muscley man appearing on the beachside.

mXGs-hlZECQBut before starting this kind of activity it is highly recommended to take some fitness courses with a personal trainer to do lifting without damaging your health. Together with it you will get a correct gym routine you will have to follow for better results. If you make choice to pick up this hobby for yourself, remember you are not going to look more attractive only, but you are making your choice in favor of your own health and well-being.

Get yourself occupied with something worth your time!