10 Signs You Are Doing Better Than You Think

Are you complaining about your life? Is there anything that doesn’t fit your requirements about the perfect state of things? Well, let me show you it’s actually not that bad as you think and if you have all of these things completed successfully, then you’re just fine!

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#1 – You’ve got a place called “Home”

uXabh3eWHb4Having a place where you hurry after a long working day is already an achievement. Native walls, warm carpets, and relative welcoming faces are able to provide you with the positive emotions that are so much needed.

#2 – You’ve got a job you enjoy

NKKLqlEJGgoIf your hobby has successfully turned out to become your source of income, then you must be a very lucky person. Or if you get up with the feeling of anticipation about the upcoming day, then you’ve got another reason to be happy about your life.

#3 – You’ve got your refrigerator full

IyDH3y-J1VcFood is one of the essentials of everyday life. And if you have only problem deciding whether to eat pizza or sushi today, then you’ve got no problem! Your stomach is full and you are not losing your consciousness because of hunger – just another point you’ve succeeded in.

#4 – Your wardrobe is bursting

j-JthgnabUsFrom costumes to dresses, from blouses to t-shirts, from skirts to jeans, from white-and-black to colors of the rainbow – if every morning you get stuck at least for 5 minutes picking up what to wear today, then you are a happy person. And this is just another reason to be satisfied with your life.

#5 – You paid all your bills

UPSfOCUq9PwYou paid all the utility bills and do not owe anyone – my congratulations! Having all your duties completed before your native country is just another thing to be proud of. Add this point to the list of your achievements this month.

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#6 – You travel abroad at least once a year

uudXDm1VPLYIf your finances allow you and your family go abroad to explore new great country, then you have succeeded again! You have got that valuable opportunity to “touch things”, and not just read about them in encyclopedia. You’ve a chance to taste the food and observe the landscapes. What can be a better fuel for your soul?

#7 – You are loved by someone

xmvvF2qLLxkThe feeling of being loved by someone is priceless. Even if you fail somewhere or don’t have any of the above mentioned things, but you have the support of people who truly love you, be thankful to fate.

#8 – You have the time for things you enjoy doing

djhxyMHXm80It doesn’t matter if you spend your spare time going to the gym or lying on the coach watching TV – if you got that free time when you can forget about routine issues and relax, then you have another thing to be grateful for.

#9 – You’ve experienced failure

-hge7wJjKL0Any experience is good – a positive one makes us happy and cheered-up, a negative experience teaches to avoid it the next time and appreciate all the good things. If you failed once and managed to get up, then you must have become stronger, and this is just another thing to be glad about.

#10 – You are reading this article

BulgzI-nPsAIf you have a possibility to read this article, then you might have a computer, a tablet or a smart phone – any of the electronic devices with the connection to Internet. This means you have access to the information and knowledge that are necessary that you possess nowadays. Besides, you have the physical and mental abilities to read and understand things – so what is that thing that restrains you from being satisfied with your life?

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