5 Myths About Teacher’s Profession

Teacher’s profession is an old or even better to say ‘ancient’ one. And so there are numerous thoughts, opinions and myths about it that have been forming for long time. From olden times teacher was considered as the first person after God and was accumulating all the knowledge and wisdom of the world. Let’s have a look at some most spread myths about teacher’s profession and tear them down.

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Myth#1 – Teacher is a female profession

1Yes, it is true that there are other jobs where they can earn real money.

Myth#2 – All the teachers are dictators

2After having gotten used to give orders at school teacher

In fact, it is quite difficult and requires a lot of patience and strengths to stand in the middle of the room in front of thirty 8-year-olds and catch their attention to explain new material. Along with that a good teacher should be a

Myth#3 – First of all teachers should know the subject perfectly and possess skills to teach it in the interesting and entertaining way

3It would be quite easy actually if the only responsibility lying on teacher’s shoulders was to come, to give a lesson, and go back home with a calm heart. But indeed it’s not that easy as the teacher at school is also educational tours to other cities, museums, theatres.


Myth#4 – Teacher teaches same thing from year to year

4In fact, educational programs undergo some changes from time to time. But even though you’d be made to teach same material from year to year, from letter to letter, th form you never know what to expect from those children and th form

Myth#5 – Today teacher’s profession is badly-paid and not prestigious

5Yes, it is true that teacher’s profession

There are also some extra bonuses you haven’t considered – they are the winter and summer holidays when you equally get paid but in fact do not come to work as there’s nothing to do when children are not at school.

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