5 Rules Of An Ideal Day Schedule

Have you ever asked yourself why some people manage to execute everything in time, and others cannot handle the simplest routine? The trick is that the first ones are planning their time spending. Moreover, they do it successfully. Let’s find out how!

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#1 – Do morning rituals

1Some of the psychologists who have been carrying some studies about lives of successful people have found that all of them have one common feature. Very often, these people get up a long time earlier before all the city fuss and craziness begins. Besides, they follow some definite rituals, day after day doing all the same things every morning. In particular, it is useful to think what goals you should strike today and in the future. This habit helps to set your mind for a working mood and concentrate on important tasks.

#2 – Don’t be distracted by trivia

2Very often, when having come to work people snatch at urgent emails and start discussing with colleagues the previous weekend putting away for later the most important tasks. This is a huge mistake. The research has shown that the first 2-4 hours after waking up our brain works most productively. So why should one spend this time for trifle?

#3 – Think about the outcome

3It is especially hard to start working again after the lunchtime. In order to get back to your work, one can repeat morning rituals in a shortened version. Just think about what you have already managed to accomplish. Thoughts about achieved results motivate you well for the further work.

#4 – Hold the meetings during the daytime

4While mornings are perfectly fine for the most difficult tasks, the afternoon is best for routine work. “Before noon we create, and in the afternoon we copy”. At this time of the day, switching from one task to another one will only benefit you. According to research, the best time for holding meetings is after 3 pm. By the way, often people who are hard to concentrate on solving one problem, work more effectively when there is someone nearby.

#5 – Leave the evening free

5The time-management specialists advice to write down those things before dinner that you would like to do tomorrow. After that you should turn off from work and relax. But it doesn’t mean that all the evening long you should spend like a coach potato surfing through the channels on your TV. Meeting friends, going to the gym or any other hobby will restore your internal energy much better.

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