Top 9 Best Methods To Fight Depression

In order to avoid more serious depression states, one should use individual methods of fighting depression from time to time. These methods are very helpful and simple-to-follow, and here are 9 of them for your consideration.

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#1 – Exercises

1Did you know that physical activity is capable of improving your mood? And you shouldn’t run a marathon or exhaust yourself with an exercise load. You may just choose for yourself some simple aerobic movements and perform them every day for 15 minutes. Or try an ordinary half-an-hour walk for the sanity of your mind.

#2 – Nutrition

2There is no universal nutritional rule to follow for fighting depression. But the lack of nutritional chemicals will bother you as soon as you choose not the right diet when attempting to lose weight for example. So before you actually decide on taking up a diet, consult with the doctor.

#3 – Sleep

3Even though the sleep troubles are the consequences of the depression itself, they may also worsen your condition. It is useless to count elephants every time you attempt to fall asleep. It is much more useful to make it a habit to go to bed and get up at the same time. This will make your sleep a healthy one.

#4 – Progress a goal

4There is nothing more inspiring than the feeling of the achieved goal. All the difficulties lie in defining the realistic goals. You shouldn’t put a global list of acts of courage in front of you. Start from the small ones but those that you will be able to accomplish, and which are capable to give you the feeling of self-confidence and self-respect.

#5 – Responsibility

5When a person feels bad, the only impulse that can bring him/her back to life is the feeling of responsibility. If you’ve got nothing to do, think about a part-time job. Make yourself busy with something or someone. The main thing here is to not give up and when you see the results of your labor, your depression will be replaced by the feeling of satisfaction.

#6 – Relaxation

6It is a wrong thought that satisfaction or relaxation come on their own. The only method to make them come is to plan them.

It is also important to fight depression from the inside. And these methods are able to help you with it:

#7 – Think

7It is going to be very complicated to detect the moment when a negative though had appeared. Thoughts come to our mind completely uncontrolled. So it is easier to remember a bad day and try to understand what had happened then. By reproducing all of the events of that day one by one like a channel, you will be able to detect where it all has started and so it will be easier for you to prevent the negative thoughts from popping up in your head the next time.

#8 – Take a pause

8When you detect that the “automatic” thinking turned on, try to take a pause, make a switch, and chill out. The respiratory exercises or just a simple walk on a fresh air will help. Pry yourself away from the occupation that made these thoughts appear in your head.

#9 – Use logic

9The next time when any kind of problem makes you feel bad, try to use logic as a natural instrument to fight depression. Depression is able of making you think about yourself really nasty thoughts, which are often exaggerated. Try to imagine this – Is that true that no one like you? Is that true that you can feel yourself a stupid and the most hated creature in the world? But what is the probability that all of this is true?

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