7 Creative Methods To Make A Wish

From now on, you don’t have to wait till the New Year’s Eve to make a wish. With these 10 creative alternative ways you can be 100% sure each of your wishes will come true.

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Method #1 – Draw Your Wish

1This method will require a bit of time and creativity from you. You have to take a piece of paper, bright paints and write or better draw your wish. And you don’t have to be a professional artist. The main thing is that you should be able to schematically depict your wish. After that, make a scroll out of it and thwart with a red band. Keep your drawn wish in a secret place until it comes true and you have another wish to draw and to replace this one.

Method #2 – Jar Full Of Wishes

2For those having many things to wish this method is just the perfect one. Take the simplest jar and put inside the pieces of paper with the wishes written on them. Then screw the lid onto the jar and leave it in the dark corner for the entire year. You will not recognize it, but all of your wishes will be coming true one by one. In just a year you will get a chance to check it when opening the jar and reading all of your wishes.

Method #3 – Letter With A Wish

3Who said that Santa Clause is the only one reading your secret letters and making your wishes come true? It can be anyone who knows about your wish – the only thing you should do is write your wish down. By the way, have you heard about the power of visualization? By thinking about your wish and writing it down you help the Space hear you better and bring your wish to life.

Method #4 – Jam With Rice

4This method is rather a “yes-or-no” method to get to know whether your wish will come true. Take jam and fill it in with rice. Put your hand onto the jam and say your wish aloud. Then turn the jam upside down letting the rice fall onto your hand. Put the rice you got on your hand on a plate and count. If the number of rice is even, your wish will come true. If it is odd, unfortunately, not.

Method #5 – Unexpected Guest

1This method requires some time to wait for an unexpected visitor to arrive to your home. But before that you must get yourself prepared with a wish. A wish can regard anything – love, change of living-place, traveling, children, but nothing connected to money. Formulate a wish in your head, so when that exact moment when an unexpected quest comes, you take him/her by the arm and think about your wish. Then keep a check on your guest’s behavior. If he/she behaves well and brought nothing, but joy and happiness to your home, be prepared that your wish will come true.

Method #6 – Chinese Lantern

2For the beginning, buy a Chinese lantern and right in the midnight go out on the street, light the lantern and let it fly into the night sky. Say your wish aloud keeping your eyes on the lantern, and your cherished dream will certainly come true.

Method #7 – The Most Intimate One

3This definite method is the most special one, as you will need some help from your beloved one. Take a bottle of fine wine, some chocolate and fruits. In one word, create an intimate atmosphere proceeded by your mutual journey to bed. And in the peak of your intimacy pronounce your wish in your head. If you manage to catch the moment, be sure your wish will come to life.

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