7 Easy Techniques To Teach Your Kid Read

The demands to what people know and how professional they are at work are increasing with every day. And so are increasing the requirements to little kids. The sooner they start speaking, reading, or counting, the better their mental development is considered to be. Don’t let your children be left behind and teach them reading with these 7 easy-to-do techniques.

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Technique #1 – Let Them Make Their Own Choice

1Take your kid to a library or simply show the list of books on a tablet and make your child search through them all for that one particular book that will get his/her attention the most. Put it on the subconscious level that he/she decided to pick up this particular book on his/her own. Besides, the child will be more excited about reading the book he/she was not forced to pick up.

Technique #2 – Read Together

2The next thing you should do is find some comfortable place and read the book together. Put your kid on your laps, open up a book, and read the text out loud pointing on every word you say. That’s a very useful technique as it combines both audio and visual senses of perception.

Technique #3 – Play With Your Voice

3To make the reading less boring and more entertaining for your kid, try playing with your voice. You can use different tones for different situations and different characters represented in your book. The content of the book is not the only thing that matters. The way how you do it is no less important.

Technique #4 – Ask Questions During The Process

4It is not required to read the whole book through at once. It is important to take small breaks after every episode and ask your kid questions like “Who is that?” “What did he do?” and “What do you think will happen next?”

Technique #5 – Call For Emotions

5After you have finished with reading a book ask your kid about the emotions and feelings he/she has got from the story. It is very important that you put the whole process of reading on the emotional level, so in the future your child will truly love reading.

Technique #6 – Talk About Illustrations

6It is also important to develop your kid’s vocabulary. And this is especially easy to do when describing the pictures in the book together with your child. Name the colors, shades, sizes, shapes. Find the description of the character from the illustration in the book.

Technique #7 – Make It Regular

7Make it a habit to take a book every day at the same time and read for at least half an hour. Do it until thsat moment when your child comes with the book in his/her hands exactly at 3 p.m. and asks you to read with him/her.

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