10 Most Extravagant Hobbies In The World (Part II)

Just yesterday we started discussing the most extravagant hobbies people may choose to have nowadays. They are of all possible and impossible spheres – sewing, constructing, doing charity work, and even pretending dead! Today we are going to proceed with 5 other no less (even better to say more) extravagant kinds of hobbies! Sooo…let’s start!

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#5 – Unusual dogs


The Chinese were the first to come up with an idea to paint their dogs in different colors. Then they proceeded with doing different hair-cuts to them. Then this “virus” has spread into the rest part of the world, so now it’s quite a common hobby to have. The people do so much strange things to their poor pets, that it’s not always understandable what dogs breed is in front of your eyes.

#4 – Navel fluff


One guy must have been annoyed so much as to come up with the idea to collect his own navel fluff, then paint it in all colors of the rainbow, and collect in the bottles. Strange, ridiculous, and might be even disgusting, but still…it has the right to exist.

#3 – Spheres out of paints


This strange hobby has appeared out of boredom as well. One painter, when dying of boredom at work, decided to color his baseball ball. And it’s almost for 40 years this man puts every day another layer of paints onto the same baseball ball. Now this is the biggest ball of paints in the world, and many of this man’s friends are allowed to participate in dying it. What is more, that there are many admirers, who have started doing the same hobby.

#2 – Cassette tape pictures


It would seem like old audio- and video-cassettes are the signals from the past, but they still can be useful in the modern world. Many of the people don’t remember about their application, but the most creative ones have found the way to use them for creating marvelous pictures. To be true, such pictures have quite an original view, like volume paints – just of cassette tapes.

#1 – Mud balls


Even though this hobby hasn’t acquired any name yet, it has become a great interest for many. So what is the main point of all this kind of hobby? It is mainly about making a ball out of mud with your own hands. Firstly, all the moisture has to be extracted and then the ball is being polished thoroughly. After this, the ball of mud turns into a glance sphere, as the lubricity turns out to be perfect. Such balls are considered pieces of art and many their admirers acquire them as interior items for their homes.

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