Top Most Popular Games of 2016

The year is almost over, it is time to look at and evaluate its overall results. Gaming world was rich on different entries, sequels and spin-offs, some of which were great, some not so much (yes, No Man’s Sky, I’m looking at you). With an Assassin’s Creed movie on the way, it is a great time to sum up the best and most memorable and popular experiences we’ve had in videogames this year. If you want to explore all this worlds, but you don’t have an equipment for it, the game consoles are for sale at Jiji right now!



This much-anticipated mega-hit from Blizzard was so good, that it almost completely destroyed all the possible competition (who will remember the poor Battleborn now?).


This game is a MOBA – FPS hybrid, which allows you to play one heroes (or villains) with a distinct specification and abilities. Colorful and well-balanced, this game has become fan-favorite even before its release.

Dark Souls III


This continuation of the hardcore dark fantasy series totally lived up to the expectations. Frustratingly hard and incredibly rewarding, sometimes disgusting and extremely beautiful, this game is definitely a worthy successor of the Soulsborne franchise. It is a real controller breaker!




Hitman is back, as bold and deadly as before! This new entry in Square Enix’s franchise is divided into 6 episodes and is concentrated on a start of Agent 47’s career as an assassin.


The game delivers a great experience, with all the different path of going through it with a variety of killing methods and weapons.

Street Fighter V


Now let’s look at the fighting games. Street Fighter V’s plot takes place between the III and IV entries in the series, but who cares about the plot of a fighting game? The main thing is that the game delivers the same colorful and fast-paced fighting experience we know and love, with a return of a familiar cast of heroes.


Battlefield 1


At last, Battlefield has decided to step away from the familiar modern-times FPS and explore something new, and it definitely has payed off. The World War I esthetic, gut-wrenching single player campaign and great multiplayer makes this game unique and really popular among fans and critics.

Gears of War 4


This beloved third-person shooter is now back too, with an old cast, that this time are really old. We were able to explore the world of Gears of War through the eyes of a new generation, which has offered a new interesting perspective. An exploration of father-son relationship between Markus and JD also was an interesting touch, that has made the game more alive.

Last Guardian


A spiritual successor of such games as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, this game has been developing for nine long years! Although some say, that the game is unpolished, it still manages to deliver great story and completely unique gameplay mechanics, which is built upon the little boy’s (protagonist) relationship with Trico, large gryphon-like creature. This game is definitely full of emotions, fun and gorgeous visuals.


Civilization VI


We can’t not mention this continuation of a Sid Meier’s strategy franchise, as it continues to offer the players great challenge of creating their own nation, improving on it while trying to win over everyone else. This global strategy won’t leave you disappointed, especially if you are a fan of the genre.