Top-10 Christmas gifts for man he longs to get!

Christmas gifts for men should definitely be practical. After all, the stronger half of humanity tends to think in a rational way and they won’t always appreciate beautiful trinkets. But how can you find out what they will like? For some women, picking a Christmas present for a man is as difficult as it is for a man to choose a present for a woman!

We are here to help, we offer you the top 10 most popular and desired gifts to give to men on this warm holiday!

Christmas is almost at the door, see it in with the people you love and please them with presents bought on Jiji !


A smartphone will make a great gift for any modern person – a man, a woman and even a kid! Simply find out if he is an Apple fan or prefers Nokia, Samsung, Gionee or  – and choose the latest model.

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It can become a decent present for a man. Men love devices even if they are not always great at using them and they are not also always careful with them.

Even if he already owns a cool laptop, he might be interested in any computer electronics – a gamers’ keyboard, a mouse, interesting USB-devices, etc. Try giving him music equipment – a microphone for karaoke evening, or a synthesizer!

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Hand and power tools

A lot of men like to do something around the house or in the garden. After all, they are the stronger sex. To do that, they will need a quality hand and power tools, drilling machines, wrenches, or even a toolset in fact, he might need all of them!

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Clothing and accessories

Quality clothing – office wear or casual clothes will always be appreciated by any man. A branded waistcoat or a jacket, or a pair of stylish oxfords can become a great Christmas present. If your man prefers sporty style, he will like a stylish polo or designer jeans jeans.

It would also be nice to pick a matching accessory – a unique tie or branded sunglasses.

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Car accessories

If your boyfriend owns a car (and who doesn’t?) you won’t be wrong to give him quality car accessories!

Choose a cool gps-tracker, car wash machine or a car stereo.

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Home accessories

This may sound incredible but there actually exist men that really love décor accessories in their home! Don’t be afraid to pick nice wall clocks, unusual wall frames for your pics and don’t forget about Christmas light!

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Kitchen appliances

If your husband is a hearty eater and you don’t have that much time to cook – go for kitchen appliances!

He will like a bulky multifunctional macro-system food processor in the same way he used to like his radio control cars when he was five!

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Book will also become a great choice for a book-lovers! Try to find a book of a favourite author or on a specific topic, that will be interesting for a person!

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Perfume is a nice and beautiful gift for any man who cares about what people think of him. Simply try to find out what smell he prefers.

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Electric shaver

Electric shaver is a very useful gift that will certainly become handy to him quite often. Choose a compact model from a famous brand since it’s not a good idea to try to save on the quality of such things.

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