Bridesmaid Hairstyle For A Nigerian Wedding

While the bride is the star of a wedding party, her bridesmaids have lots of important tasks, and their look should also match the occasion. Which bridesmaid hair to choose for the next wedding you attend as a bridesmaid? Pick your favourite Nigerian bridesmaid hairstyle right now!

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1. Down bridesmaid hairstyles

Letting your hair fly freely may seem like an easy solution for black bridesmaid hairstyles, but in reality even more work can go into making your loose hair look flawless than creating an elaborate bun or braided style!

Chief bridesmaid hairstyles always need to make the chief bridesmaid stand out, and a gorgeous floral crown is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Make your thick locks look even better with an addition of a simple side part and adding a volume boost to the hair roots.

A mane of tight curls looks awesome on its own, but the addition of tiny braids make this bridesmaid hairstyle a hundred times more charming.

Side-swept bangs and loose curls decorated with an adorable flower is one of the hottest bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair of the season!

Colourful highlights have the ability to make any hairstyle better, even though this stylish bob with curls doesn’t need any improvement.

Shoulder-length tight curls, side part and neat styling are a recipe for success when it comes to bridesmaid styles.

Floral accents remain a popular way to make short bridesmaid hairstyles more festive and fit to the occasion.

2. Half up, half down bridesmaid hairstyles

Half up, half down are the perfect bridge between casual styles and one-of-a-kind wedding creations.

The first half up, half down wedding hairstyle requires minimal styling, but you can make up for it with the help of the glamorous tiara.

The next bridesmaid hairstyle would look exquisite on its own, but the decoration made from live flowers takes it to the next level.

If you love to wear your hair straightened but don’t want your bridesmaid hairstyle to look too simple, add a couple of thin braids and make your wedding look truly shine!

Braids + curls are a popular Nigerian hairstyle, and while this style looks awesome on any occasion, it can be the one bridesmaid hairstyle you’re looking for!

Faux locks are an unconventional wedding hairstyle, but it’s super easy to make more appropriate for a wedding with the help of an elegant half up, half down style.

3. Updo bridesmaid hairstyles

Perhaps, the most traditional kind of wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids are different kinds of updos that can be done on hair of any length and texture.

A classic updo with a victory roll and feather detailing is the perfect choice for a retro wedding!

Long curly hair with caramel highlights can be successfully styled in this loose low bun with a voluminous side sweep.

Another retro hairstyle for a Nigerian bridesmaids can be done with nothing but a dainty headband with rhinestones.

If you prefer traditional bridesmaid hairstyles but still want to put your own twist on the look, consider some striking floral accents.

Even the most basic updo can be made much more interesting and appropriate for a wedding with a golden headband.

Make a lasting impression on every guest of the wedding by rocking a fairly standard updo with unusual highlights – for example, in a trendy teal shade.

A sleek and sophisticated bun where no hair falls out of place is a fantastic choice for a bridesmaid hairstyle, and the exquisite tiara only makes it better!

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