Traditional Nigerian Hairstyles That Are Trendy And Stylish

Spring is the time when most ladies feel like their hair could use a little upgrade and start looking for the latest Nigerian hairstyles. Want to rock the hottest hair of the season? Check out these trending hairstyles in Nigeria!

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1. Weavon hairstyles

Nigerian hairstyles with attachment remain extremely popular among ladies: they are the perfect way to try on Nigerian hair weaving styles with minimal to no damage to your own hair. Plus, Nigeria hairstyle weavon gives you nearly unlimited freedom for experimenting with different styles and shapes.

A popular variety of fixing hairstyles in Nigeria are Nigerian hairstyles with wool, which are praised by women in Nigerian for being exceptionally easy to work with and looking as natural and trendy as wool hair can. Check out some of the best examples of weavon hairstyles with wool!

2. Ghana weaving hairstyles

If you look at popular Naija hairstyles, you will see that more than a half of them are various Nigerian braids hairstyles. Of course, nothing can beat the latest Ghana weaving hairstyles in Nigeria in popularity among Nigerian women.

There are dozens of different styles of Ghana weaving, and new ones appear every season. This year women are going crazy over Ghana weaving Shuku, which is native to the Ibadan region and means braids that are formed from the forehead to the back of the neck.

We can’t keep from mentioning another beloved kind of Nigerian Ghana weaving styles – the Ghana weaving all back styles. The name of this hairstyle speaks for itself – the braids are neatly arranged in the back of the head.

3. Didi hairstyles

Didi hairstyles are hardly the latest braids that appeared in Nigeria – this Yoruba style has been known for ages, but in 2018 they are going through a new wave of popularity. Didi braids are a great choice for women with short or damaged hair and also look fantastic on kids.

4. Fulani hairstyles

Lately, Fulani braids have been popularized by many celebrities, which inspired more women to try this style. You can easily tell Fulani styles from other types of braids by two things: thin and delicate braids, and mezmerizing beads decorating the end of every braid.

5. Skull cap hairstyles

Skull cap hairstyle in Nigeria is completely different to most native hairstyles you’re used to: it’s an ultra-short haircut with a side-swept fringe that highlights your face features and looks fabulous with any complexion, makeup, and clothing style. Here are our favourite examples of skull cap cuts.

6. Patewo hairstyle

When you don’t feel like letting your braids fly loose – for example, when it’s too hot outside or the occasion calls for making more of an effort with your hair – try patewo hairstyle. Its name translates as “clap your hands”, and that’s exactly what this cute hairstyle looks like!

7. Kiko hairstyle

Every girl that grew up in the 90s is familiar with Kiko hairstyle, but it hasn’t lost its popularity to this day. To recreate this hairstyle, you’ll need a thread – only then it’s possible to style the different shapes that are the base of this style and the reason why it looks so marvellous.

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