Top 50 Yomi Casual Latest Designs 2018, Boys And Girls!

Yomi Casual latest designs have earned the reputation of being simply PERFECT. Having been designed in a way that would definitely flatter you, they make everybody look like a celebrity! While casual design gradually becomes trendy, a look at Yomi Casual fashion design, which now reaches beyond boys latest styles, can explain why it happens.

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This year, thousands of Nigerians were looking forward to Yomi Casual collection 2018, and both Yomi Casual designs for ladies and Yomi Casual styles for men were a pleasant surprise worth the thrill. So let’s take a closer look at the latest Yomi designs that you can already see and try on!

1. Latest Yomi casual designs 2018

Yomi Casual’s latest aristocratic collection called ‘Man of the Year’ has been specially designed for high-ranking successful men. This, Yomi Casual fashion style balances between the simple/ordinary and elegant/dressy.

The collection by Yomi Casual includes a wide-ranging selection of stylish clothes from flowing agbadas, traditional African attire, casual outfits, unisex garments to classic suits for women and men. The brand is the leader in latest native styles for guys, agbada, senator, and Ankara designs. Every next Yomi Casual collection continues the tradition of the brand, especially when it comes to native wears and Ankara styles.

Whatever item of Yomi Casual’s Collections you pick, you can be certain that it is one of a kind and absolutely exquisite! So it’s been a hard task to pick the best of Yomi Casual styles 2017 but we still have managed to do it! Here is what you should know about Yomi Casual in 2017 and its latest designs.

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2. Men’s Yomi Casual style

Yomi Casual designs for men are the highlight of the brand: Yomi Casual focuses, first of all, on male casual designs with senators wears, original and extraordinary T-shirts, which makes Yomi Casual for men the unique intersection of fashion and traditions.

So, Yomi specializes in making fantastic clothes for men, and Yomi Casual 2017 design proves it once again. His recently released collection, named “The Fantastic Man,” summarizes Yomi Casual male designs 2017 and the brand’s strategy in general. It includes garments with bold embroidery for a stunning impression. With these decorative elements, widely used in casual collection 2017, Yomi Casual male designs remind about native heritage and African legacy.

Yomi Makun, the brand’s Creative Director, claims that this type of clothes is perfect for both a businessman from the city and the country gentleman. In other words, Yomi Casual men design fit for every person and every occasion, or at least their creator intends to achieve this by every next Yomi Casual collection.

Yomi Makun is not the first one to use casual native designs, but he managed to use them in Yomi Casual wears 2017 the most successfully. The reason is personal interpretation of native patterns in Yomi Casual native styles and their inconspicuous presentation.

Men's Yomi Casual style

3. Yomi Casual female design trends

Although the brand specializes in men’s wear, there are still some lovely items of Yomi Casual styles for ladies. Yomi Casual ladies’ outfits include mainly female senator wears and Ankara design. Yomi Casual female styles account for the smaller part of total Yomi Casual clothing collection, but Yomi Casual for ladies is as unique, trendy, and recognizable as Yomi Casual male designs.

Yomi Casual female design trends

Yomi Casual female

4. Yomi Casual first Ever Unisex Shirt Collection

In 2018, Yomi Casual, this outstanding fashion brand, prepared a surprise for both male and female fans: Yomi Casual released a ground-breaking unisex collection of shirts, so the best of Yomi Casual now can be worn by both trendy men and women. The fans of the brand have been waiting for this release impatiently since these shirts are simply made for you to look mind-blowing.

Yomi Casual shirts designs feature premium fabrics, trendy patterns, and bold designs. Some of these shirts do not require ironing because of their obligatory stylish wrinkles. They come in different designs: plain, striped and patterned made from silk, velvet, and other fabrics, making Yomi Casual 2017 collection absolutely universal. Besides, Yomi Casual prices don’t bite

The designer himself says that he intended to create revolutionary shirts that go with practically anything – from formal trousers to flirty ladies’ skirts. The latest design for boys and girls fit perfectly into both formal and informal looks.

Yomi Casual wear makes you an eye-catcher in every crowd looking smart and trendy with the huge variety of these shirts styles and especially Yomi Casual native designs.

Yomi Casual


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5. Yomi Casual Fashion Party & Shirt Collection

Yomi Casual has also released a special collection of shirts, so now Yomi Casual latest design 2017 feature outfits created specially for parties. These garments are also unisex and make everybody who wears them incredibly stylish! No wonder that most of parties in Lagos are packed with young people wearing Yomi Casual clothing.

Yomi fashion has already become a new subculture, exclusively Nigerian. Yomi Casual fashion spreads fast and reaches further than the Internet: Yomi Casual website is currently out of order, but it does not affect the popularity of Yomi clothing. Yomi Casual price list is not shocking, and Yomi Casual outfit are always impressive. Accent on the menswear, Yomi Casual women collection, native design, Ankara style – this is Yomi Casual design 2017.  In 2018, Yomi Casual wears are expected to stay on the peak of popularity.  Keep an eye on the news about Yomi Casual styles to stay trendy and stylish.

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