How To Get A Street Named After You In Nigeria

What do you think of when you see smth like Taiwo street, Uche close, Alhaji Usman road? You think that these names didn’t come out of nowhere, right? Also, it comes to your mind that it was hardly a government to name them this way.

You’re absolutely right! Many of these streets and places were named by people, like us!

So, what steps do you need to take to get the street of the city in Nigeria named by you? Read this post and find it out!

How To Get A Street Named After You In Nigeria

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1. The history of the names of streets in Lagos

If you look closer, you will find an interesting story behind everything in the city. Everything here has a story – from the popular street names to wonderful colonial buildings.

  • Bourdillon Avenue. The avenue was named after the onetime colonial Nigerian administrator, Sir Bernard Bourdillon.
  • Osborne Road. The road was named after Willoughby Osborne, the major Chief Justice of Southern Nigeria.
  • Campbell street. This street was named after Robert Campbell, a famous businessperson from Jamaica, who moved to Lagos in 1860 & gave a start to Anglo-African newspaper. He lived just near the place where Holy Cross Cathedral is located today.
  • Forsythe street. Another famous street, that was named after the famous person, a colonial administrator Charles Forsythe. His father was a European, and his mother was from Sierra Leone.
  • He contributed in establishing English legal institutions in the city. Also, Charles helped to set up the colonial administration in the city in 1862.
  • Glover road. This road was named after Captain John Glover, who set up the predecessor of the Nigerian police and army with ten Hausa men in 1863.

How To Get A Street Named After You In Nigeria

2. Steps on how to get a street named after you in Nigeria

In various semi-urban and rural regions, streets are often named by the individual who was first to develop the area or to build a house there, or who had tarred the area. You can also have the street named after you or name the street with any name that suits you and that is reasonable.

Here are two ways the government can do this today:

  • They name the street, put up a signpost with this name
  • You can get everything done by the book.

If you choose the second option, руку are the steps you need to take:

  • Create a letter addressed to the Local government in charge of the certain area with a request, choose the name that you want the street to be named.
  • Then, the officials will investigate the area, after that they will make a public announcement to assure that nobody has an objection, then your petition will be looked into.
  • The sum of charge depends on the Local Government’s rates.
  • Every LGA can look for different information before you get an approval – it differs from LGA to LGA. But there is one common thing all over Nigeria’s 774 Local Government Area in Nigeria – you’ll have to pay before getting the approval.

How To Get A Street Named After You In Nigeria

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