How To Maintain White Clothes: Useful Tips & Tricks!

If you have been surfing through the whole Web to find what’s the best way to wash white clothes, you’ve come to the right place!

Washing white clothes has many peculiarities, as well as storing and wearing them.

We are going to tell you about all these details so you will be able to choose the best way to wash white clothes to keep their new look for years – and always look great!

what's the best way to wash white clothes

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1. How to wash white clothes

  1. Run the washing machine in rinse mode before washing white clothes. If you have washed your jeans or a bright dress first, run the rinsing mode without putting white clothes in before washing them. In this case, you will additionally clean the washing machine drum from colored drops of water, soapy stains, and colored dirt particles.
  2. Although most people think that there is nothing better for white clothes than dry-cleaning, you should still prefer washing. For example, if you’re wondering how to make a white shirt whiter, a cloth made of high-quality cotton should be washed at 40°C. Be sure to read all instructions for the care of a cloth on its label: clothes may have some decorations that may need some special treatment.
  3. Never wash white and colored clothing together. After that, white clothes will look like being worn and the colors will look faded.
  4. Avoid using bleach if it is possible: it can give your favorite shirts and bras a yellowish shade!
  5. To protect blouses and shirts from damage, be sure to unfasten the buttons, as the pressure in the washing machine drum can loosen the seams. To avoid the crumbling of seams, dry the clothing on the hangers.
  6. Before washing, divide your white clothes by the type of a fabric:
  • Wash the satin fabric with the acrylic cloth.
  • Wash the flaxen clothes with the cotton clothes.
  • Wash the wool clothes separately from the other clothes.
  • Wash delicate clothes by hand.

best way to wash white clothes

2. How to keep white clothes white without bleach

  1. Prepare this solution to remove the stains from the white clothes:
  • 3 lemons juice;
  • 80 g of laundry detergent;
  • 1 tbsp.of salt.

All components are mixed with 2 liters of water. Soak the clothing in this solution for 1 hour, then take out the laundry and start rinsing.

  1. Use only oxygen-containing bleach – this is a well-proven way of how to keep white clothes white without bleach. The washing detergent contains optical brighteners, that give only a visible effect of purity. Oxygen-containing bleach is more thoroughly rinsed, does not deform the fabric and it is harmless to allergic and baby skin.
  2. Use ammonia and soda. If the label of the cloth indicates “do not bleach”, try to soak it in a soap solution with ammonia. It takes about 5 tablespoons per 10 liters of water.

Alcohol neutralizes the magnesium salts, which give a yellowish tinge to clothing. Baking soda also helps to whiten clothes: dissolve a tablespoon of soda in a glass of water and add it to the powder in the machine. Wash the clothes at 60°C.

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washing white clothes

3. How to whiten white jeans

Whitening your favorite white jeans becomes easier with these components:

  • soda;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • lemon juice.

how to whiten white jeans

4. How to maintain white clothes: useful tips

4.1. Storing white clothes

Keep the white clothes separated from the colored one so that rubbing against dark-colored clothing does not cause stains. Keep in mind that the collars and sleeves can damage you store your white clothes too tight to each other.

4.2. Wearing white clothes

If you cook with oil or enjoy a glass of red wine at home, put on an apron or jumper to protect white clothes from stains.

Similarly, you can keep your white clothes safe while being away from home. If you travel by bus or train during the peak hours, put on a light jacket to protect a white shirt or blouse from dirt and stains!

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how to keep white clothes white without bleach

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