Stylish Ankara Jumpsuits You Won’t Want To Take Off 2017

Jumpsuits basically are clothes, created as a compromise between style and comfort. They’ve been popular in the fashion world for a long time, but in 2010 jumpsuit styles have become more popular than ever.

The trend is still going strong till this day, and African jumpsuit designs have an important place among all the other outfit variations.

Obviously, Ankara jumpsuits considered one of the most stylish ones, as Ankara fabric is bright and colorful, it has been in trend for a long time and will definitely stay stylish for a long time too. Here are a few Ankara jumpsuit designs, that would make your wardrobe lighter, brighter and more stylish and original.

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Latest jumpsuit styles are somewhat similar to one another – most of them have long free trousers, short sleeves and a collar, but there are still some notable differences to different variations of the style. Let’s look at the most popular of Ankara jumpsuit 2017 styles:

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1. Single-ornamented Ankara jumpsuit styles

These outfits create traditional for the one-piece suit look with top and bottom of the jumpsuit made with the same material and the same ornament.

In this case, the ornaments are either geometrical – with horizontal or vertical lines or other figures, or have continuous floral patterns. This way the transition between bottom and top parts of the outfit is even less noticeable. Thin belts are often used to complement the look.ankara jumpsuits Ankara jumpsuit styles  jumpsuit styles

2. Double-ornamented Ankara jumpsuit designs

This type of jumpsuits is divided into two halves to make it look like the shirt is separated from the pants.

This contrast adds some variety to the outfit and makes it more interesting to look at. Top and bottom usually differ both in ornament and in color, thin and wide belts are often used too.

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Ankara jumpsuit designs

3. Short Ankara jumpsuit styles

This variation adds something different to the usual outfit’s formula. Namely, it allows you to show more skin in more revealing and seductive attire, while staying stylish and modest.

These styles are a great choice for a really hot weather, but they won’t really work as a formal outfit. Bottom of the short jumpsuit is often made with widened trousers to make it resemble a short skirt.Short Ankara jumpsuit styles Short Ankara jumpsuit

4. Sleeveless Ankara jumpsuits

Another twist to the traditional look, sleeveless jumpsuits also are a good choice for a flaming hot weather.

Furthermore, removal of the sleeves makes your outfit, and, thereafter, you, look slimmer, it puts an accent on your waist instead of your shoulders. These designs are often followed with decorative collars and bright accessories.Sleeveless Ankara jumpsuits  Ankara jumpsuits

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