Building Plan For 3 Bedroom Flat In Nigeria

Today, more and more families are looking for their ideal building plan for 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria, since not only its design and the use of modern technologies but also the proper number of rooms and their location become the key factor to comfortable and convenient housing. Today, no one will build a house for a large family with one bathroom or one bedroom!

Various 3 bedroom house plans were brought to us from Europe and the USA, where people use to clearly separate the living room and lounge rooms. The three bedrooms house project is a quite convenient solution ‘cause it allows you to arrange all the rooms you need in a small area. Most often, people opt for the projects of single flat country houses.

Let’s check out the latest 3 bedroom house plans in Nigeria!

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3 bedroom house plans in nigeria

1. 3 bedroom bungalow plan in Nigeria: the advantages of such houses

  • a great solution for a large family;
  • these houses can easily accommodate all your guests;
  • If desired, the bedrooms can serve for another purpose, for example, a study room, a sports hall, a nursery, etc.;
  • the building of such houses are characterized by low construction costs;
  • low load on the building foundation: it allows to erect buildings even on weakly bearing soils;
  • these projects do not include the installation of stairs so you can use the available space more effectively;
  • also, these houses offer a higher level of comfort for the elderly people, young children and people with disabilities, as they do not need to go up to the second floor or even higher.

Check out these latest 3 bedroom flat plan drawing examples:

3 bedroom house plans with photos

3 bedroom house plans

3 bedroom house floor plans

architectural design of 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria

building plan for 3 bedroom flat in nigeria

2. 3 bedroom house plans with photos: latest types of houses

Projects of houses with 3 bedrooms are very popular in conditions of dense urban development and in suburban construction. Projects of 3 bedroom houses are in great demand because of optimal interior size and, as a result, the low cost of building a house.

Houses with three bedrooms, as a rule, are located on medium-sized land plots, have all the necessary facilities and are full-fledged projects. The project of the house or cottage with three bedrooms can have a mansard, garage, ground floor or basement.

The house with 3 bedrooms can be made of various materials and using any of the suitable construction technologies.

Having 3 bedroom house floor plans, you can build a small mansion with an attic, the first floor can be used for utility rooms (kitchen, pantry, service rooms) and a spacious living room, and the second floor can become a lounge area (bedroom, library, dressing room).

If you prefer the classic one-story country houses, then arrange your bedrooms on the south side in order to fill them with warmth and natural light.

The architectural design of 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria is not the only parameter that these houses can differ:

  • they can differ by basic materials, that were used. Single-story houses can be built out of stone bricks or blocks, or they can be made out of wood. Also, you can opt for frame houses and combined options.
  • they can differ by an architectural style. Today, many companies offer house projects in European, classical, modern style, as well as high-tech, minimalism, province, modern and others.
  • they can differ by architectural elements. Do you want to build a house with a balcony, a veranda, a fireplace, a winter garden? It is so easy to make your dreams come true with one flat 3 bedroom house!

5 Modern House With 3 Bedroom Design, Plan and Price Estimate

This is 5 of some of the most beautiful modern house, bungalow type house, with a 3-bedroom plan and layout design. Each has the rendition of the front and side view and has a floor plan and layout with construction price estimate and other important details. Want to build any of the following house?

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