12 Interior Design Hacks You Should Know For Your Home

Decorating your home is a whole art and there are hundreds of trends and techniques that can spruce up your home. However, most of them require either a lot of your time or money. Here are 12 interior decoration hacks you can easily introduce to your home!

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1. Get new pillows

Even the most unexciting interior can be vastly upgraded by throwing a couple of pillows onto the sofa. However, you won’t use just any pillows! The colour scheme and pattern of the pillows should match one of the patterns in the room – for example, the wallpaper, carpet, or curtains.

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2. Paint everything

If you have come across a mirror, picture frame, or other interior design item that you fell in love with, but it doesn’t match the colour of your wallpaper, you can effortlessly paint the item to give it the desired colour. The solution is a can of spray paint that is super affordable and is a pleasure to use.

3. Add significant items

Even the most expensive and professionally designed interior won’t feel alive if there aren’t any personal items that belong to the family. Plus, this hack costs so little that you can do it today. Spruce up your walls or tables with pictures of your family, photos of your favourite places, or other memorabilia.

4. Take advantage of small spaces

If you have a small room and want to make the most out of it, your ideal solution is folding furniture. These days, you can get nearly any item of furniture in a folded form. From work desks to dinner tables, this interior design hack will save you lots of space and make your room much more functional.

5. Get a rug

A simple rug can make a lot of difference in your living room, nursery, or bedroom. A rug instantly makes the room look cosier and virtually invites everyone to spend time together on a rug. Make sure to choose the right size of a rug – it’s always better to go a size up than to buy a rug that is too small for your space.

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6. Paint the side of the door

If your room wallpaper and door have an understated shade but you want to add a pop of colour to the interior, the easiest way to do it is to paint the side of your door into your dream colour. You will only see this area when you open the door, but it will instantly cheer you up!

7. Decorate with nails

We are mostly using nails for attaching things together or place them on the wall, but it turns out that nails can also be a wonderful addition to your interior. You can add a nail trim to nearly any furniture item, including sofas, beds, chairs, and coffee tables.

8. Use a painting trick

In case you think your room is small and your ceilings are low, you can use a popular painting trick to visually add space and volume to the interior. The key here is to paint only a half or 2/3 of the walls your favourite colour and leave the remaining part blank or similar to the shade of the ceiling.

9. Utilize the headspace

In most houses and apartments, there is plenty of space between the doorway and the ceiling that is hardly ever used. This is where you can store your necessities! The headspace is perfect for storing something like books, DVDs, CDs, or small boxes.

10. Add some texture

If you are looking at your room and feel like it’s missing something even though you put a lot of effort into designing the interior, the thing that is missing might be the texture! The easiest way to add more texture to your room is to throw a couple of textured couch pillows, but you can also choose textured wall coating or other interior pieces.

11. Use coins as decoration

One of the hottest interior design trends of the past few years is using coins for decorating various parts of the interior. You can start with something small like covering your favourite vase with coins, but a really cool thing to try is a table covered with coins.

12. Choose understated colours

Decorating your interior with striking colours seems like a great idea, but soon you may either grow tired of the bright colours or they can go out of fashion. Colours like different shades of white, grey, black, beige, and brown will never go out of style and look fantastic in any interior. Plus, you can instantly spruce up a neutral interior with a couple of brightly-coloured pieces.

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