How To Use FaceApp For Your Old Age Picture

If you have opened Instagram or Facebook in the past week, you probably noticed everyone posting pictures where they look several decades older. These pictures are made by the FaceApp, an app for modifying your photos with different effects. Find out how to use FaceApp to get a picture of older you!

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1. How to make your photo look old with FaceApp

Ready to wow your friends and subscribers with a picture of how you would look at an older age? Here is a step-by-step guide on using the FaceApp, which is currently available both for Android and iOS.

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  1. Download the FaceApp from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Launch the app and decline the offer of a paid subscription.
  3. Tap the camera icon in the middle of the screen. You can also choose to upload a photo from your phone by giving the app access to your gallery. But you need to keep in mind that the photos uploaded to the app are permanently stored on their hardware, so if you care about privacy, you should only enable access to the camera.
  4. Take a picture of yourself. In the bottom of the screen, you will see the complete range of filters available to you.
  5. Choose the one that says Age, and then click on the Old icon.
  6. That’s it – you can now view your transformed photo, save it to your gallery, and share it with anyone you want!

How To Use FaceApp For Your Old Age Picture

2. What else can you do with FaceApp?

At the moment, the Old Age filter is the most popular feature of FaceApp. However, this app has many more features for you to check out. Here are other popular FaceApp features you can try next:

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  • Male/Female. Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you had the opposite gender? Well, now you no longer have to imagine, because FaceApp will transform your picture from male to female and vice versa in a matter of seconds!
  • Young. This filter works similarly to the Old one, but instead of making you look several decades older, it actually makes you look considerably younger. It can be very fun to compare the results with your real photos from a younger age!
  • Smile. If you want to make your photos more cheerful, you can use the FaceApp to add a smile to your face. There are several versions of the smile you can try, so see which one fits you best.
  • Style changes. In case you often wondered what you would look like with a different hairstyle or makeup, you can use the FaceApp to give you the transformation you’ve always wanted. See the way you look with a new hairstyle and get inspired to change your style in real life!

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How To Use FaceApp For Your Old Age Picture

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