Basket Bag Styles You Will Love

Seeing a basket bag instantly makes you think about the beach, fun vacation, and other things we enjoy during the summer. However, basket bags can be easily worn anywhere from the office to a high-end party. Find out how to style your basket bag and check out the latest basket bag styles.

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1. What is a basket bag

A basket bag, made from woven dried grass or bamboo straws, is one of the oldest fashion items and is known since Ancient Egypt. Over the years, the basket bag went through numerous transformations and trends before landing as the most coveted bag style of 2019.

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Today, basket bags come in all shapes and sizes. You normally think of a basket bag as a medium-sized tote in a natural beige colour, but you can find a basket bag ranging from a tiny clutch to a large picnic basket. The variety of colours and designs of basket bags is also amazing.

2. How to wear a basket bag

If you are thinking about getting a basket bag, the first thing you should know is that it’s super easy to wear a basket bag to any occasion, provided that you use the right type of a bag.

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For example, a large basket tote bag with a casual design is the ideal accessory to wear to a beach. A medium-sized basket bag will look great on a stroll in the city with a maxi dress or a short jumpsuit. Finally, a small clutch, embellished with flowers, stones, or other decorations, will complete your already elegant outfit for a summer wedding or party.

3. Basket bag styles

Ready to upgrade your bag collection with one or two basket bags? Here are some varieties of basket bags where you are guaranteed to find your new favourite one.

When we said that today basket bags come in every colour imaginable, we weren’t joking around – just look at this rainbow of lovely shades!

In case you are looking for a perfect tote for a beach vacation, you should consider something along the lines of this charming basket tote bag.

With a basket bag, you can go as big or as small as you want. A woven clutch bag is not only extremely trendy right now, but also super easy to style.

If you are planning to wear your basket bag to the office, you need something that is both elegant and understated. How about a sophisticated brown basket bag with wooden handles?

An easy way to add a feminine, romantic touch to your basket bag style is to opt for some lovely decorations – for example, satin flowers.

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Even something as simple as tassels can be a great way to add some personality to your new favourite basket bag.

If you want to go for the most authentic type of basket bags, you will definitely like this charming piece that is shaped like a literal basket bag.

If you are ordering your basket bag from a designer, you can effortlessly make it more personal by asking the designer to embroider your name or something with a special meaning to you on your bag.

This unusually-shaped basket bag may be tricky to pair with other items, but it will certainly attract everyone’s attention and show off your exquisite taste.

A tiny basket bag with a vintage shape simply oozes Parisian chic, so make sure to pack one for your next vacation!

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