How To Rock Plunging Neckline Tops

Plunging neckline is often seen in evening dresses and wedding wear, but with the right styling, you can rock your low cut blouse or top almost anywhere. Here is how to seamlessly incorporate a plunging neckline top into your wardrobe, plus some of the best plunging neckline fashion styles for your inspiration.

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1. How to wear a plunging neckline

A plunging neckline top or dress is one of the trickiest items of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe. With a low cut top, it’s easy to go overboard with your styling and look tacky or desperate for attention. To avoid these unwanted effects, here are some tips on how to wear plunging neckline tops like a pro.

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  1. Depending on the shape and cut of the plunging neckline, you can even wear it to the office. A relatively modest low cut blouse with a sensible office blazer make a fantastic workplace outfit that allows you to showcase your style while being perfectly work-appropriate.
  2. If you haven’t worn many plunging necklines and don’t want to look too daring with your first low cut top, consider choosing a wrap blouse. It looks more modest than many of its counterparts and can be worn anywhere from the office to a wedding.
  3. The question of underwear is always an important one when rocking a plunging neckline. In most cases, you won’t be able to wear your regular bra, since it’s going to be visible and make you look messy. The solution is a U-cut bra that was designed specifically for the purpose of wearing it under a low cut top.
  4. Don’t have spare money to buy an expensive U-shaped bra? If you have smaller breasts, you can get away with wearing no bra at all! Take a piece of double-sided tape. Attach one side to the skin on your chest and another side to the corresponding area of the fabric. Now your top will stay put all night long.
  5. In case you find a plunging neckline too daring to wear on its own, you can always wear a camisole underneath it. The camisole will make your look appear more understated while still attracting the attention to your top.

2. Plunging neckline styles

Looking for more ideas on how to incorporate a plunging neckline top or dress into your wardrobe? These fashion styles will inspire you to try this item as soon as possible:

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A plunging neckline is an ideal thing to wear to a summer party or wedding – it’s breezy, it’s comfortable, and it’s 100% suitable for the occasion.

The plunging neckline, the sequins, the chiffon, and the elegant black colour make this dress another great option for an important event you need to attend.

Combine your love for Ankara with the trendy plunging neckline dress cut by choosing a gorgeous dress that has it all!

If you are looking for a dress that will successfully show off every curve on your body, the next gown is definitely something to consider.

Traditional Nigerian gowns work very well with plunging necklines, which means now you don’t need to choose one and can have both in your new outfit.

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The beauty of a plunging neckline construction of a dress or top is that it’s incredibly versatile and looks fabulous with any colour or fabric.

If you thought that low cut necklines were a prerogative of summer fashion, here is proof that they work flawlessly with long sleeves.

The next outfit looks breezy and casual, but it’s clear that a lot of effort went into styling this look to perfection.

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