All You Need To Know About The Lagos Fashion Week 2019

Lagos Fashion Week is an annual event that millions of people are looking forward to. Designers, fashion journalists, bloggers, street fashion lovers, and buyers come together to reveal the newest trends and achievements in fashion. Here is everything you need to know about the 2019 event.

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1. When and where

This year, Lagos Fashion Week is taking place for the 8th time. Since 2011, the annual event has been attracting fashion-forward people not only from Nigeria, but also from other African regions and international locations who come to marvel at the vibrant and impressive African fashion scene.

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In 2019, Fashion Week will take place from October 23 to October 26. The runways and other premises will be located in the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos. This beautiful hotel will be a perfect match for the event that has lots of beauty to demonstrate to its guests.

2. The activities

Those who have never stepped foot into a fashion event may think that all that is there to see is models on the runway. However, while fashion shows are an essential part of the Lagos Fashion Week 2019, there is so much more you can expect to see there. Here are the most anticipated activities of this year’s Fashion Week:

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  1. New season collections by Nigerian and other African designers presented on the runway.
  2. Showrooms, where you can shop trendy looks from your favourite or new designers.
  3. Fashion Business Series, where everyone who has anything to do with fashion will get an opportunity to network and discuss the development of the fashion business on the continent.
  4. Visual Makers Fellowship, where photographers and videographers will get a chance to discuss their craft, stage workshops, and exchange knowledge.
  5. Fashion Focus Africa, which was designed for newcomers in the fashion world to get their talents discovered, to meet the most important people in the industry, and find new markets for their products.
  6. Green Access, which is an activity for everyone who is interested in creating, promoting, and wearing sustainable and environmentally-conscious fashion.
  7. After parties, which need no particular explanation. This is where the designers, business executives, models, and guests can experience some of the famous Lagos nightlife and network in a relaxed setting.

3. What else to expect

The above list of events scheduled for the Lagos Fashion Week 2019 is certainly impressive, but that’s not all that will take place during the most high-fashion week of the year. The fashion week was officially kicked off with an October 4 Launch Party, which was themed #BeyondCreativity and set the mood for the upcoming activities.

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On October 21 and 22, you will be able to attend the female business workshops held by SheTrades Commonwealth, which are aimed at giving women the tools and knowledge required to successfully run a business.

On October 25 and 26, you will also be able to take part in various daytime workshops happening in the tents of the Lagos Fashion Week 2019. One of the most anticipated events is the Afrexim Bank’s Creative Africa Exchange Masterclass, held, in part, by the Africa Development Bank and designed to help blossoming entrepreneurs increase their chances of success.

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