3 Types Of Hair Closures All Women Should Know

A closure is an essential item if you often wear various types of wigs. It is designed to make your scalp and hairstyle look more natural. There are several popular types of hair closures that are not always easy to distinguish between. Here is your ultimate guide to the types of closures.

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1. Lace closure

A lace closure is, perhaps, the most popular type of hair closure you can find right now. Despite the name, lace closures are not always made exclusively of lace – you can also often come across a silk closure that resembles lace closures in its look and texture.

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Typically, lace closures have a square shape and come in one of three options:

  • One-part closure, which is also often called the middle part closure. This type of closure can only be styled in a single way, and the part can be located in the middle of the head or to its side.
  • Three-part closure, which gives you a bigger number of potential styling options. You can stick with the classic middle part, but you can also try all kinds of a side part with the same closure.
  • Free-part closure, which provides a nearly unlimited number of ways for you to style your hair. You can go for the middle part, side part, or create a hairstyle with no part at all – it will look great no matter which style you opt for.

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2. Lace frontal closure

A lace frontal is a considerably bigger closure than a standard lace closure. Unlike a simple lace closure, which sits on top of your head, a lace frontal goes from one ear to another, covering the entire upper part of your head.

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Another big difference from a lace closure is that a lace frontal closure has virtually no limits when it comes to styling your hair. Whether you want a middle or a side part, no part at all, or anything in between, you can effortlessly make your vision come true with the help of a lace frontal closure.

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3. 360 frontal closure

You can spot the first major difference between lace closures and 360 frontal closures when you look at the latter: instead of a square or rectangular piece, you get a round headband with hair attached to it on all sides. These closures are a close replica of your own hairline and give you the most flexibility for trying different styles with your hair.

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With a 360 frontal closure, you can finally wear the ponytails, braids, and twists you have always wanted. You can also get creative with the baby hairs and style them any way you want with some hair gel. Whatever hairstyle you decide to go for, your 360 frontal closure will ensure the most natural and luscious look.

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4. How to attach a hair closure

There are three most common methods available for attaching a closure to your wig. It can be glued, taped down, or sewn in. The secret here is that in the end, all three methods provide the same beautiful result, which means the choice of the attachment method should solely depend on your own preferences and skills.

Here is a helpful video tutorial that will help you spotlessly attach a lace closure on your first try:

How To : Sew in/Lace Closure

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