JAMB Cut Off Mark For 2020/2021 Admission In All Schools

If you are planning to continue your education and enrol in a university this year, there is a lot of planning to do and it’s best to start preparing early. Find out the JAMB cut off mark for 2020/2021 in all Nigerian schools!

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1. What is the JAMB cut off mark?

The JAMB, or the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, is a board that grants entry into Nigerian schools by making the applicants complete an examination. The cut off mark for JAMB refers to the minimal amount of points needed to get into a school of your choice.

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The JAMB cut off mark can depend on various factors, including the type and status of the school. In the past, the cut off mark for different schools was between 100 and 150. The JAMB sets the minimum cut off mark for each type of school. However, as higher education is getting more competitive, many schools have raised their JAMB cut off marks, making it more challenging for applicants to get in.

2. JAMB cut off mark for colleges of education

In Nigeria, colleges of education are generally less prestigious than other types of schools and are therefore easier to enrol to for students who may not have perfect JAMB scores. For the 2020/2021 school year, the JAMB cut off mark for colleges of education has been set at 100 and no school is allowed to lower it.

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Some schools, however, choose to raise their JAMB cut off mark in an attempt to only attract students who are motivated to receive their education and are prepared to work for it. That is why some colleges of education have set their cut off marks at 120 or even higher.

3. JAMB cut off mark for polytechnics

Polytechnics are a popular and rather prestigious type of school in Nigeria. State and federal polytechnics allow you to study a variety of subjects and get a respectable profession after graduation. Some of the most successful people in Nigeria have graduated from polytechnics, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the JAMB cut off mark for them is higher than it is for colleges of education.

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For the 2020/2021 school year, JAMB has set the minimum cut off mark for polytechnics at 120. Unfortunately, you will hardly find a school with a 120 cut off mark. Instead, most state and federal polytechnics, including the Delta State Polytechnic, Lagos State Polytechnic, River State Polytechnic, as well as Federal Polytechnic in Oko, Bauchi, and Nekeda, have set their cut off mark at 150.

4. JAMB cut off mark for universities

University education is coveted by millions of Nigerians who consider it to be a huge asset for their career, but the truth is that not everyone can get into a Nigerian university. This type of school is the most competitive one in Nigeria, which is why it’s not particularly surprising that JAMB has announced the 150 cut off mark for universities.

However, as it’s the case with Nigerian polytechnics, universities are able and willing to raise the JAMB cut off mark to make sure only the best students get in. Most Nigerian universities, both state and federal, have set the 2020/2021 cut off mark at 180. With this score, you will be able to successfully enrol in Lagos State University, Ibadan Technical University, Niger Delta University, University of Port-Harcourt, and Federal Institute of Technology, Owerri, among others.

At the same time, some Nigerian schools have raised the bar even higher for the applicants. For example, to enrol in the Obafemi Awolowo University, you will need a minimal JAMB score of 200. The same cut off mark has been set by the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, University of Ibadan, University of Lagos, and Benue State University for their Medicine courses.

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