How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Date

When planning a wedding, there are hundreds of choices you need to make, from the colour scheme of the bridal train to the baker for your wedding cake. The date of your wedding is one of the most important choices that will affect every aspect of the event, and here is how to make the right choice.

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1. Work

If you and your fiance are both hard-working individuals, you need to take work into account when choosing the ideal wedding date, especially if your job depends on the season. Choose the month and day when you are both completely free, not just on the wedding date itself, but also before and after it, so that you can feel completely free and relaxed on your big day.

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2. Vendors and venue

If you are having a medium to large wedding, you will probably have dozens of professionals working on your event, from the florists to the DJs. In case you have your mind set on a particularly good vendor who is rarely available, you need to take into consideration the date when that one special vendor can accommodate your wedding. The same goes for popular venues that may be booked months or even years in advance.

3. A memorable date

You probably know someone who got married on 08/08/08, 11/11/11, or another equally memorable date. While we won’t have beautiful wedding dates like this for many years, there are several dates you can try even this year that will look good on your wedding invitations and will be easy to remember for the bride, the groom, and everyone involved. How does 20/10/20 sound?

4. The engagement period

For most couples, the ideal length of the engagement period is no more than 6 months, which means that if you get proposed in March, you should ideally get married by September and you will need to choose from the available wedding dates during this period. If you can handle an engagement that lasts for a year or more, you will have much more freedom to choose your perfect wedding date.

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5. A special date

Some of the most romantic couples choose to commemorate a special date with the date of their wedding. It can be the day you met, had your first date, enjoyed your first kiss, etc. You can also plan your wedding on a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, but you will probably have a lot of competition for the best venues and vendors as many other couples will also want to marry on that day.

6. Family and friends

Of course, if you are organizing a wedding for 250 guests, you cannot take every guest’s availability into account. However, you can still ask your closest friends and family members about their plans for the time when you want to have your wedding. If some of them have important work or study commitments, get ready to have a baby, or have other obligations, a good idea is to plan the wedding taking those issues into account.

7. Honeymoon

In most cases, a wedding ends with a honeymoon. You probably already have the picture of your ideal honeymoon in your head, and it likely involves a specific season. If you want to have a honeymoon in the mountains or dream of a perfect beach vacation, you will need to consider the honeymoon when choosing the date for your wedding.

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