Two Nigerian Classics Are Coming To Netflix Nollywood Soon! Check Which Ones!

The beginning of 2020 brought great news for those who love Nollywood movies and want a convenient place to watch their favourite Nigerian content, as Netflix started paying special attention to Nigerian viewers and introduced a series of measures to enhance the Nollywood presence on Netflix. It was recently announced that two more Nigerian classics will make their way to Netflix. Find out which ones!

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Last week, Netflix announced its new partnership with Mo Abudu, the head of Ebony Life TV and one of the most influential people in West African entertainment. Ebony Life TV has been a powerful player in the Nigerian movie scene and is responsible for the three highest-grossing titles in recent years in Nollywood. That is why Netflix’s decision to partner with Mo and Ebony Life TV is not at all surprising: who else has the knowledge, taste, and industry insight to help Netflix make its way into more African households?

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In an effort to connect to the audience better and promote the works of other Nigerian art workers, Netflix and Mo Abudu decided to adapt two Nigerian literary classics into series. The two literary works that will soon receive the series treatment by Netflix and Ebony Life TV are:

  • Death And The King’s Horseman by Prof. Wole Soyinka
  • The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi’s Wives by Lola Shoneyin

These books have already made a big splash in Nigerian culture and millions of Nigerians are already familiar with these stories. However, adapting books into TV series is always an interesting move that will not only help readers get a new look at the classics, but will also help them become known outside of Nigeria thanks to Netflix’s powerful position in international entertainment.

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Both authors whose works are being adapted for Netflix said they could not be happier with the development. Lola Shoneyin admitted she was thrilled to have her novel turned into series by two huge forces in the TV and movie industry, and Prof. Wole Soyinka not only said he was very excited about the opportunity, but also praised Mo Abudu for her incredible achievements in the male-dominated filmmaking scene.

In addition to giving two Nigerian classic novels the series treatment, Mo Abudu is getting even more Nigerian content developed for Netflix viewers. The acclaimed producer will be the person behind two other Nigerian films that will soon make their way to Netflix, as well as several licensed Nollywood films and an original series her company will develop specially for Netflix. So keep your Netflix subscription at hand – soon there will be lots of new Nigerian content for you to enjoy there!

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