NYSC: Registration Portal, Senate List, Call Up Letter And More!

The National Youth Service Corps is a one-of-a-kind Nigerian organization that requires all higher education graduates to complete one year of state service. If you plan to complete the program in the nearest future, here is everything you need to know about it.

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1. What is NYSC and who has to do it?

National Youth Service Corps is by no means a brand new program. It was launched after the Nigerian civil war, when the country was in ruins and needed to be quickly restored. The program eventually stuck around and now every young Nigerian who has received higher education needs to spend a year working for the benefit of the country. The applicants are randomly distributed between 36 Nigerian states and FCT, and they don’t really have a say in where they want to serve their term.

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NYSC should not be confused with the army. Participants of the NYSC program do a whole range of services for the country, but they don’t have anything to do with the military. Plus, former students who enrol in the program receive a monthly stipend of around $53. Depending on which state you complete your NYSC in, you may receive an additional stipend ranging from $2 to $27.

Once the registration for the program begins, you will receive an invitation to a 3-week introductory course, where you will learn how to perform various tasks, work in teams, listen to your leader, and build a community spirit. After that, you will be informed of the location of your NYSC completion and will need to travel there to begin your year of service.

2. Registration portal

Since a few years ago, the registration for the NYSC program is done digitally through the registration portal that you can find here. The portal contains information on registration, what you need to apply, as well as updates for those who have already signed up for the program. On the official NYSC website, you can also find out when registration begins and who can apply. NYSC recommends applying from a local cyber cafe as the process will require your biometric data that cannot be easily obtained at home.

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3. Senate list

The term “Senate list” refers to the list of institutions and programs whose students are eligible for the NYSC program. You can find the Senate list here. To find out whether you are eligible for NYSC at the moment, open the link, choose the name of your university from the drop-down list, enter your matriculation number, surname, and birthdate. The system will then display your eligibility status and you will be able to act accordingly.

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4. Call-up letter

After you have registered with the NYSC program but before you depart for the 3-week orientation course, you will receive a call-up letter that contains all the details of your enrolment. Besides the information you previously entered into the system yourself, including your name, birthdate, and your university, you will also be able to find out who your officer-in-charge is, where you will complete the orientation course, and the state of your prospective deployment. You will also receive your unique call-up number that will also contain information on your university, state of deployment, graduation year, and your ID in the system.

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