Church Outfit Fashion Styles You Will Love

Millions of Nigerian women have a special section in their wardrobes dedicated to church clothes. You don’t wear the same clothes to church as you do to the beach or meeting with your girlfriends – church clothes need to be not only stylish, but also demure and perfectly appropriate for the occasion. Here are 10 trendy church outfit fashion styles you will love.

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1. Style #1

The combination of a light top and dark bottom is one of the most classic things you can wear to church. However, instead of the standard black and white pairing, you can go one step further and choose one of the trendy pastel shades for your top.

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2. Style #2

A fully pastel dress is also an always great idea for church. The design of the dress is very modest, but the timeless cut and the lovely baby pink colour will certainly make you the best-dressed churchgoer. Plus, pastels pair well with dark complexion, so it’s a win-win situation.

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3. Style #3

There are lots of things that make a kaftan one of the best things to wear to church. First, it’s incredibly comfortable to be in all day. Second, it’s super forgiving to the little imperfections of your body. Third, a kaftan is a style that never goes out of fashion, and the exquisite silk fabric only makes it more valuable.

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4. Style #4

If you want to make the strongest impression on your fellow churchgoers, you will need to work extra hard on your outfit. In our opinion, this luxurious magenta dress with an asymmetric neckline and a matching hat is the easiest way to leave your friends at church in awe while looking completely acceptable for church.

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5. Style #5

There is nothing wrong with going for the use of patterns in your church outfit if you feel like it. We love this adorable dress for several reasons, but most importantly, for the way the seemingly aggressive animal print can be upgraded and made perfectly appropriate for church with the use of vibrant colours.

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6. Style #6

How about a fierce pair of trousers for your next church outing? To make the combination of cropped trousers and a tiny top more suited to a church setting, all you need to do is add a stylish Ankara jacket. This is an outfit you will be able to wear numerous times and not just to go to church.

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7. Style #7

When you are getting ready to go to church on a chilly Sunday morning, this is probably an outfit you will pick first from your collection. The black turtleneck top and red and black full skirt not only look stylish and ideal for church, but also incredibly comfy and pleasant to the touch.

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8. Style #8

Lace is not the most commonly seen fabric for church outfits, but we believe it’s nothing more than an oversight. When properly executed, a lace outfit can compete with all other popular church clothes in trendiness, appropriateness, and femininity.

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9. Style #9

And here is another example of how even the leopard print can be made absolutely appropriate for visiting the church with the right styling. Even the see-through nature of the dress does not make it any less demure thanks to the use of a modest dress underneath it.

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10. Style #10

Nothing beats the good old Ankara when you need to quickly choose the perfect outfit to wear to your next church visit. There are so many patterns, combinations, and designs to try with Ankara that you can wear a brand new Ankara outfit every Sunday and still not run out of ideas by the end of the year!

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