Best Arewa Styles For 2020

As an integral aspect of Nigerian culture, Arewa influenced not only the history and language, but also the fashion of the people living in the region. Arewa clothing is demure and modest, but at the same time, it utilizes vibrant patterns and interesting colour combinations to upgrade the look. Here are 10 Arewa fashion styles from 2020 you will love!

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1. Style #1

This lovely Arewa dress is long and the neckline is completely closed off, but it doesn’t make it any less cute and fashionable. The colour of the dress, the masterful use of lace, and the intricate construction of the sleeves are what makes this look stand out.

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2. Style #2

This Arewa beauty went a little more daring with her choice of an outfit, and it definitely paid off. The elegant Ankara fabric pairs great with the tight-fitting silhouette of the dress, and the use of mesh sleeves is a genius move that will definitely inspire other fashionistas to do the same.

3. Style #3

Even when you are dressed in the world’s most modest outfit, you can still have a little fun with your Arewa look. The fabric of the dress is great and would work with all kinds of outfits, but we also love the half-peplum look made with blue lace and the fun little cut-out neckline.

4. Style #4

At first glance, here we are looking at a basic black dress with a white lace detailing, but if you look close enough, you will see that the fabric is actually an iridescent dark green shade. The use of this fabric is what makes this Arewa look so eye-catching!

5. Style #5

Words cannot begin to describe how much we love the fabric of this majestic Arewa gown. The combination of green and gold is already a very successful one, and when you add a fringe and 3D detailing, the whole outfit becomes impossible to take your eyes off.

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6. Style #6

No matter how big your collection of dresses may be, it will never be complete without at least one beautiful kaftan. A kaftan is not only a timeless piece that looks fabulous on any body type, but it’s also the kind of dress you can wear on any occasion and still be the best-dressed guest.

7. Style #7

A total white outfit can be rather risky, since you can easily come off looking like a bride. However, it can take you just a few details to take your outfit from bridal to high fashion. This Arewa white lace dress could be a perfect choice for a bride-to-be, but the grey detailing on the sleeves and the hem make it look much more interesting.

8. Style #8

If you’re a fan of a traditional style in clothing, your new Arewa look can easily consist of a blouse and floor-length skirt in your favourite Ankara pattern. The colour scheme of this outfit is perfect for autumn, and the fact that it’s tailored to perfection makes it even more beautiful.

9. Style #9

Animal prints are something that will never go out of fashion, so if you don’t have any in your wardrobe and are planning a new Arewa outfit, animal prints may be exactly what you need. The elegant black and white zebra print is a flattering classic and always a good idea for any age.

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10. Style #10

In case you are not a big fan of loud prints or other eye-catching clothing decorations, your best bet to create a beautiful outfit is to use the right colour. This wine red Arewa outfit is an ideal choice for a winter wedding or another important event and it would look fabulous on any complexion.

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