How To Know Quality Hair Wigs

A wig is a fantastic invention that allows you to change hairstyles as often as you want without damaging your own hair. High-quality wigs are not cheap, so it can be very frustrating to invest a lot of money in a wig only to realize its quality is very subpar. Here are a few ways to spot high-quality wigs!

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1. Look at it

The first and most effective way to spot a good wig is to take a close look at it. First of all, the construction of the wig must be flawless: it should be neatly sewn with no threads or fabrics sticking out anywhere. The hair should be equally distributed all over the wig and there shouldn’t be too much of it – otherwise, it won’t look natural enough.

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Synthetic wigs often look to flawless to be real, so that’s one more thing to pay attention to. If the hair in the wig is too smooth and bright in colour, you may be dealing with a synthetic wig. High-quality wigs made from human hair need to resemble a real hair structure and there can even be some minor imperfections, such as a couple of hairs shorter than the rest.

Finally, you will need to look at the texture of the wig. If you are opting for a curly or wavy wig, the curls or waves don’t need to look completely identical. If they are made to resemble natural hair structure, then the waves and curls need to be somewhat loose and slightly different in size.

2. Touch it

When you are shopping for a wig at an offline store, you have the benefit of inspecting it closely before the purchase. Giving the wig a pat with your hand can tell you a lot about its quality. Most importantly, you should pay attention to the way it feels under your palm. Low-quality synthetic hair will be too smooth to the touch and almost squeaky, like you are caressing a doll’s hair. A good human hair wig will be less smooth, but will feel more like genuine hair.

3. Smell it

A high-quality human hair wig, ideally, should not smell of anything. However, if it’s sold in a beauty shop, it can get a subtle smell of perfume and cosmetics that should not be overpowering. A synthetic wig will always smell of chemicals, so you can easily spot it. A low-quality human hair wig often has an vague unpleasant smell of stale stuff and is best to be avoided.

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4. Wear it

If you have the opportunity to try on a wig before buying it, make sure to wear it properly and see how it feels on your head. High-quality wigs are very lightweight and will not put any extra presure on your scalp. A low-quality wig, on the other hand, will feel very heavy on your head. It can also be rather tough and unable to fit your scalp the way a high-quality wig will do.

5. Use a lighter

This method of checking the quality of the wig is not always available, but it can be one of the most telling ways to tell if you are dealing with a quality human wig. Burning a small strand of wig hair with a lighter will instantly tell you what you are holding in your hands: burnt human hair will produce a smell that cannot be imitated, while the chemical smell of a burnt synthetic wig is a very telling sign on its own.

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