10 Faux Locs Styles You Should Know

Faux locs are some of the hottest protective hairstyles of the past few years. Faux locs are easily created by wrapping hair from extensions around your natural hair, come in all lengths and number of locs, and can be styled into dozens of different looks. Here are 10 best ways to rock your faux locs!

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1. Distressed locs

Faux locs can be easily made to look flawless, but if you are not in the mood for playing by the rules, you will definitely like experimenting with the texture of your locs. Distressed locs are created like normal faux locs and are then slightly tousled to create a more natural and edgy look.

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2. Faux locs with highlights

Traditionally, faux locs are made from fully black hair, but colourful highlights are an easy way to attract more attention to your look without making any drastic changes to your hair. There are many colours to choose from, but this striking copper shade is super trendy right now.


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3. High bun

Wearing your faux locs loose all the time can be tiring. Plus, sometimes you want to let your neck and back breathe instead of constantly being covered by thick locs. In that case, there is nothing better than a high bun – a hairstyle that is as practical as it is gorgeous and stylish.

4. Bob locs

If you have short hair and want to maintain the same length for your locks, or you are simply not a fan of long hair, then a bob hairstyle is exactly what you need. Whatever colour and texture of your locs you go for, they will look fabulous when styled into a trendy bob.


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5. Double buns

When choosing the perfect style for your faux locs hairstyle, your first instinct may be going for something traditionally feminine and grown-up. However, a slightly childish hairstyle with double buns can also look perfect on women of any age as long as you pair it with the right clothing.

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6. Loc updo

When you want to style your faux locs for a special occasion to match your fancy outfit, or when you simply want to try something new with your look, you should consider a loc updo first. It can be styled with minimal effort, can last for a whole day, and will look perfect both in person and in photos.


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7. Beaded locs

If you want to give your faux locs a fresh look but don’t want to go for any permanent changes such as dyeing your hair, you can easily achieve the desired result with various beads and wire decorations. Metallic accents look especially good on black hair!

8. Side-part locs

Another way to refresh your hairstyle without any long and expensive procedures is to simply change the parting of your locs. You can swipe them all the way to one side for side-swept locs, or make a more subtle upgrade with a side part.


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9. Long locs

In case you are not looking for a subtle way to rock your locs and instead want the whole world to notice your new hairstyle, your best bet is to go for an extreme length of your faux locs. On one hand, you will spend more time in your stylist’s chair, but on the other hand, you will be rewarded with the most eye-catching hairstyle.

10. Faux locs with curly ends

A simple but effective way to draw more attention to your new beautiful hairstyle is to add some curls to the ends of your faux locs. You can get some bonus points for using a different colour, but even without it, this hairstyle will look cute and memorable.

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