10 Trending Gel Up Hairstyles

Hair gel is one of the best inventions for natural hair. With its help, you can tame even the wildest main and enjoy trendy and flattering hairstyles that weren’t available to you before. Here are 10 latest gel up hairstyles to inspire your next trendy look!

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1. Style #1

A sleek ponytail is one of the most popular hairstyles for any hair type, but an even more striking effect can be achieved with sleeked down hair roots and a voluminous ponytail. A styling gel will help you make your roots look neat and polished.

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2. Style #2

If you are looking for the sleekest, most sophisticated style to rock on a daily basis, this gel up updo is exactly what you need. The sleeked down hair roots and the intricate construction of the updo will surely turn everyone’s heads no matter where you go.


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3. Style #3

A single, long braid is a fantastic hairstyle for many reasons: it’s universally flattering, it’s perfect for any occasion from a wedding to a day at the office, and it’s easy to style, whether you are using extensions or your own hair. This gel up braid is the perfect combination of sleekness and volume.

4. Style #4

Here is another gel up braid hairstyle, but this time, it’s very neatly styled and looks super polished. You probably won’t invest so much effort into an everyday hairstyle, but this gel up braid can be the perfect option if you are searching for a great party style.

5. Style #5

For a cute and youthful take on the traditional bun hairstyle, you should definitely go for two buns. This hairstyle is similar to pigtails, which are very popular with kids, but with the right styling and makeup, a gel up two buns hairstyle will look both age- and occasion-appropriate.

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6. Style #6

One of the biggest benefits of using styling gel is that you can recreate virtually any style and get as creative with your hair as you want. These sleek waves would be absolutely impossible to create without a styling gel, and they will easily make any hairstyle stand out.

7. Style #7

You know your gel up hairstyle is a successful one when it shines like a mirror under the light. A ponytail probably cannot get any sleeker than that and while it’s probably not the amount of effort you want to invest into an everyday hairstyle, it would be perfect for a bridesmaid or even a bride.

8. Style #8

At first glance, this looks like a fairly standard gel up ponytail, but a closer look reveals the amount of work that went into creating this style. The sleeked-down fringe perfectly frames the face, and the complex construction of the ponytail makes it impossible to look away.


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9. Style #9

If you have long hair and want the whole world to see it, you cannot go wrong with a high ponytail – or, in this case, a genie ponytail. This fierce hairstyle would work even without any styling gel, but the gelled up roots perfectly complete the style and make it even more striking.


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10. Style #10

You may think you can get away without any styling gel at all, and it may be true in many cases where you can let your hair flow free. However, a hair gel becomes an essential tool for taming your hair edges and giving them the look you have always wanted.

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