10 Senegalese Twist Hairstyles You Will Love

Senegalese twists are a beautiful and trendy protective hairstyle that you can wear for a long time without getting bored or tired of it. However, if you are in a mood for a change, you can easily style your Senegalese twists into a variety of looks, and here are some lovely hairstyles to inspire you.

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1. Style #1

When you don’t want to do anything radical with your hair and simply want to try something new without applying too much effort, you can’t go wrong with a ponytail. It’s easy to style, fits any look, and doesn’t put additional strain on your hair.

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2. Style #2

Black Senegalese twists are probably the most popular version of the hairstyle, but it’s not the only option for modern fashionistas. Adding a couple of different-coloured highlights will give your hair extra volume and will draw even more attention to it.

3. Style #3

Senegalese twists don’t rely too much on geometry, but this hairstyle can look even more fantastic when it’s executed perfectly neatly. And the lovely copper shade of these twists will definitely inspire more ladies to try this colour.


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4. Style #4

If you enjoy the neat and stylish look of Senegalese twists but want to upgrade it, consider getting curly twists next time you’re in the hairdresser’s chair. Curly twists are a more fun and relaxed version of Senegalese twists, but they are just as trendy.

5. Style #5

Long Senegalese twists are gorgeous, feminine, and flattering for any appearance, but they can also sometimes feel too heavy and hot, especially during the warmest season. Bob Senegalese twists look just as lovely as long twists, but they are far more lightweight and pleasant to wear.

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6. Style #6

Goddess Senegalese twists are a fun and modern variation of traditional Senegalese twists. They can be worn for a long time with minimal maintenance and they will easily fit into your look no matter what kind of a personal style you have.

7. Style #7

Long black Senegalese twists are probably the most common variety of this popular hairstyle, so you can always choose it when you don’t know what to do with your hair. To make things more interesting, you can add a couple of colourful highlights.


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8. Style #8

Colourful highlights can come in every shade imaginable, and while sometimes you can be in the mood for the most understated tones such as copper and brown, other times you want to try something completely different. In that case, consider this electric blue colour.

9. Style #9

If you want to play with the colour of your hairstyle but don’t want to go for anything drastic, you can choose ombre Senegalese twists. These brown ombre twists will fit any complexion and personal style, so you don’t need to try to hard to find the right outfits to pair them with.


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10. Style #10

Blonde Senegalese twists are a perfect style to try this spring or summer. It’s lightweight, flattering, and timeless, so you can always upgrade your style with blonde twists.

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