How To Start An Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria

Egg distribution is a low-cost and low-effort way to join the agriculture and food business in Nigeria. Egg distribution is less labour-intensive and often more profitable than poultry farming and many other types of agricultural businesses. Here is how to start an egg distribution business in Nigeria.

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1. Find reliable suppliers

Since you won’t produce the eggs yourself, you are going to need a reliable supplier of the produce. Even if you are starting your business on a small scale, you still need to find at least two suppliers. Egg production can be an unstable business, and you don’t want to end up with no eggs to sell right before an important deal. Form a trustworthy, stable relationship with your suppliers and you can enjoy many benefits such as ultra-fresh produce and lower prices for wholesale purchases.

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2. Choose your niche

In order to be a successful egg distributor, you need to know exactly who you are selling to. The most popular niche is selling your produce to supermarkets and smaller stores, where eggs are always in demand. You can also sell eggs to restaurants, caterers, and fast food joints. Eggs are also used in the cosmetics industry, during the production of certain goods such as glue, as well as in the fitness and wellness industry to produce protein-based foods.

3. Locate a suitable facility

The good news is that you don’t need a separate office to run your business. Instead, you can rent a storage facility and run your operations from there. Your storage facility should be located right between your suppliers and potential customers, so that no one needs to travel for hours just to deliver or buy the eggs. Egg distribution does not require any expensive or specialized equipment, but you will need sturdy crates to store and deliver the eggs and prevent them from breaking.

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4. Set up your operations

To run a small egg distribution business, you may not need a large staff. If you can contact the customers and the suppliers yourself, run the storage, and deliver your produce all on your own, then you can save a fortune on business expenses. If not, you may need to hire one or two employees to help you with daily tasks. Additionally, you will need a car for delivery. It doesn’t have to be big or brand new, but it needs to be reliable enough so that you don’t end up constantly repairing it while being unable to deliver the goods.

5. Reach out to your customers

Ideally, you need to have a list of potential buyers even before you bring the first crate of eggs into your storage facility. Traditional marketing techniques, such as handing out flyers in the streets, may not work in this case. You can advertise your business online, but the most effective way to promote your egg distribution enterprise is to contact business owners directly and tell them what you do and how you can help them. Make sure to use your networking skills and make a good impression on the few existing customers, and your customer base will then grow thanks to the word of mouth marketing.

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