Top Businesses You Can Start With No Capital

Many people think that starting any new business requires a large startup capital, but it’s not always true. There are many business ideas that require courage, intuition, and business knowledge, but not a lot of cash. Here are 8 businesses you can start with no startup capital.

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1. Pet services

More and more families are getting pets, but those families often cannot attend to their cats and dogs 24/7. Starting a pet business will only need you to sincerely love pets and want to help them. You can offer dog walking services, train dogs to make them better suited for family life, or start a pet sitting business for customers who are going away for some time and cannot take their pups with them.

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2. Recruitment

Big and small companies are growing, and they always need motivated, knowledgeable staff to help them meet their goals. This is where your services can come in handy. As a freelance recruiter, you will get a list of positions you need to fill for the company and will look for eligible candidates on the internet or by using your professional network. Then you simply arrange the first interview, and if everything goes well, you receive a commission.

3. Coach

If you are proficient in anything that is popular with people, you can make a living out of offering your expertise as a coach. Your area of expertise can include anything from cooking and tailoring to online dating. You will need to run your coaching services on your own website or a social media account and charge people for access to your knowledge database.

4. Dropshipping

Online sales are one of the most popular ways to make money in this day and age, but normally you need a startup capital to purchase your first set of goods. In the case of dropshipping, all you need is a computer, a place to sell the goods, and one or more suppliers. Then you simply collect the orders, make your supplier fulfil them, and make a commission from each sale.

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5. Sell printed goods

If you are a talented illustrator or know someone who has a drawing talent, you can easily monetize those skills by selling print products. With sites like RedBubble, you don’t need to do any printing yourself. You upload your images to the site as an illustrator, and when someone orders an item with your print, it will be manufactured and delivered independently from you while you earn a sizeable commission.

6. Travel agent

You’ll be surprised by how many people don’t have enough skills and confidence to plan their own trips. Everything from booking a ticket to booking a hotel simply terrifies them and they will pay money if someone helps them with it. As an online travel agent, you don’t even need an office – just advertise your services online and make money by helping your customers.

7. Blogging

To become a blogger, you don’t need any specific equipment or an expensive office. All you need is an interesting niche that is not overcrowded yet. Your blog, whether it’s a standalone site or a profile on Instagram or YouTube, needs to be original, useful to your readers, and aimed at a specific audience. When your audience reaches a certain size, you can monetize it through sales, ads, partnerships with brands, and so on.

8. Meal planning

Busy people will pay good money to have someone plan their meals for them, especially if they have any diet restrictions or are trying to lose weight. As a professional meal planner, you can create weekly meal plans with a list of ingredients and sell it to your customers. They get to save money and time on planning their nutrition, and you get to make cash by helping people eat better.

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