10 IT Professions Of The Future

The future of all mankind is behind the computers. So certainly there new IT professions are going to appear in the upcoming days. What are they, and what special skills will one have to acquire to be able work effectively with new computer programs?

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#1 – Informational Systems Architect

jBk6Td9XDywInformational Systems architect is a qualified specialist on wide specter of working with the processing data systems. In particular, he is constructing the database, is developing operating procedures, and is controlling the quality of data securing, etc.

Analogues:  construction. Today such functions are being executed by completely different specialists: programmers, technical directors, product-managers, or even experienced designers with systems-related thinking.

#2 – Interface Designer

Interface designer deals with creation and developing of “friendly” and secure human-adapted interface of the technologies of different levels. Interface designer is competent with “usability” – the creation of interfaces that are maximum user-adapted.

Analogues:  translators from foreign languages. They help people understand each other and communicate regardless of language barrier.

#3 – Virtuality Architect

YseJ5i-99x4Virtuality architect is a specialist on solution construction that allows working, study and resting in the virtual reality. He develops soft and facility taking into account the biological and psychological parameters of the users.

Analogues: computer games developers, cinematographers, and gamers of all their kinds.

#4 – Virtual Worlds’ Designers

Virtual worlds’ designers develop conceptual solutions for the virtual world – the philosophy, laws of the nature, rules of social interaction and economics, landscape, architecture, feelings like sounds and smells, live and social world.

Analogues: ordinary designer, game-designer.

#5 – Web-lawyer

2-X5TF_MLuoWeb-lawyer is a person responsible for developing regulatory interaction in web (including virtual worlds). He is responsible for developing the system of legal protection of human and his properties in the Internet (including virtual property).

Analogues: lawyer on author’s right issues.

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#6 – Neurointerface Developer

4w8sud3LvCINeurointerface developer is a specialist who develops interfaces that are concealing with the neurological human systems to manage computers. All of this is being done taking into account human psychology and physiology.

Analogues: UI & UX specialist.

#7 – Web-Community Organizer

Web-community organizer is the person specializing on organizing and moderating the e-forums, gaming and educational platforms in web.

Analogues: web-marketing specialists.

#8 – IT-Preacher

fB3Riv9b_IkIT-preacher is a specialist on communication with the ultimate user of IT-products. He provides people with the educational services about new programs and services in order to reduce the digital divide among citizens.

Analogues:  futurologist, teacher of IT disciplines at schools and Universities.

#9 – Digital linguist

Digital linguist is the professional specialist developing linguo-systems of semantic translations, text info processing, and new methods of communication between human and computer.

Analogues: interpreters & sign language interpreters.

#10 – Big Data Model Developer

mIzYw2R1PwkBig Data model developer is a specialist who develops systems of crawling and processing data taken from the Internet.

Analogues: Database architect, programmer and back-end.

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