9 Myths About The Translator’s Profession

Translator or interpreter is one of the most wide-spread professions in the world. But many people are mistaken about it and have created a wrong thought about it in their mind. So what are they and what’s the translator’s profession looks like indeed?

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Myth 1 – Every person who knows a foreign language can be a translator

1Yes, on a household level, like ordering something to eat or set an appointment with a partner, many people can manage things without a translator. But when it comes to translating in a specific area like finances or law, a professional is needed. One should not only know the required lexicon, but understand the topic in general.

Myth 2 – Demand for translator’s profession is decreasing

From one side, the number of people speaking foreign languages has significantly increased. But the intensity of international cooperation and the amount of documentary necessary for translation has increased a lot more. And an enormous amount of young people willing to get a Translator’s Diploma has proved the profession is still blossoming.

Myth 3 – This profession hasn’t changed for centuries

3The working place and the methods of translation have radically changed in recent years. Electronic vocabularies have come to place of paper ones. The appearance of a new software designed especially for translators that comes in handy when translating previously translated content, have increased the labor productivity by 40%.

Myth 4 – In order to be able do written translations one should graduate from a linguistic institute

Yes, it is useful. But most of the translators have just an ordinary higher education. And only after having gotten involved in the language they decided to get a second higher education specializing on linguistics. Most of really good interpreters owe to practice only for their extraordinary translating skills.

Myth 5 – Translator cannot make a translation of a complicated technical document, this can be done only by a qualified specialist

5It’s obvious that the person working for ages in one definite sphere can better and quicker make a translation. But in the sphere of written translation one can execute a really high-quality translation using the best electronic vocabularies. Yes, this also requires some time spent on the Internet searching for special phrases and analogues for translation, but no one said it is impossible.

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Myth 6 – It’s easy to earn money for a translator

6Translator is a job that requires 8-10 hours of working a day. It also requires a person to be attentive and accurate. Add to this frequent “oh my God” when the translation should have been made yesterday. Such profession requires a permanent self-improvement and professional development. Translator’s bread is not one of the easiest to get.

Myth 7 – Translator is not a creative job

In spite of the appearance of new systems of automatic translation that use the technologies of artificial intelligence, the translation was and remains a creative profession. The translation even of a small phrase provides several options. And to find the most appropriate terminology may take you a lot of time.

Myth 8 – the translator’s role in a modern business sphere is insignificant

8Let’s turn your attention to the work of an ordinary interpreter. In the process of translation he/she doesn’t only translate from one language into another one, interpreters create the atmosphere of mutual understanding and partnership. Interpreter helps with understanding not the foreign language only, but a different culture which is very useful in negotiations.

Myth 9 – Translations is a small business

In order to satisfy a customer from all the required specters, big companies are compelled to enlarge. The number of staff employees may be up to 50 persons. And the amount of freelancers can be counted in hundreds. And the volumes of translations per year may amount up to hundreds of thousands of pages.

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