10 Tips To Improve Your Memory Before Exams

For the most of the students summer is far from being a rest time, it is time for numerous exams to be passed and much of nerves to be spent. Sometimes, there is so much information we must memorize that our brain says, “I give up”. Well, in this case, we have prepared 10 most useful tips to keep your brain always in shape.

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Tip #1 – Don’t just read, but speak OUT LOUD


It has been already proven by different people that speaking out loud can really increase one’s remembering capabilities. So instead of simply reading the studying material over and over again, read it aloud just once!

Tip #2 – Teach others what you have learnt


The best way to reinforce the newly studied material is to explain it to someone else. In this way, you both get a chance to check yourself and help someone else prepare for the exam!

Tip #3 – Use Times New Roman


The easiest font to read is proven to be Times New Roman. That it why actually it is used by default for the most applications.

Tip #4 – Take regular breaks


It is increasingly important to rest when doing any kind of job. And it is especially important to take breaks while carrying out brain activity connected to memorizing information. Take short breaks each 45-50 minutes, so you don’t lose concentration and your memory doesn’t fade.

Tip #5 – Move the place of your study all the time

College students sitting outdoors

Of course, there are some of our favorite places, where we feel most comfortable to spend time resting, reading, or learning something new. Nevertheless, for the highest brain activity possible it is crucial to change the place of studying from time to time. New surrounding – means much boosted brain with fresh energy.

Tip #6 – Study in groups


To eliminate the time spent to find the necessary material for exam preparations, it is very useful to share the tasks among your classmates and get to study together in groups. By doing so, you don’t only get new fresh ideas about the upcoming exam, but you are literally enjoying the process of studying.

Tip #7 – Practice, PrAcTiCe, PRACTICE


Prepare yourself with making up possible questions you might be asked at the exam. This is both a good technique to test your understanding and to prepare yourself psychologically for the exam.

Tip #8 – Jog your memory with scents or a gum


Pick up the perfume scent you like the most and smell it while studying. Then spray it just before the exam to help jog your memory. The same trick works well with a gum. Just choose your favorite taste and enjoy the exam!

Tip #9 – Sleep well the night before


While sleeping your brain assimilates the information that you have learnt during the entire day, so it is important to have a healthy sleep the night before your exam. After having waken up in the morning you will be pleasantly surprised to remember all those pesky mathematic formulas you will need!

Tip #10 – Take a walk right before the exam

Bonding over their ambition to do well

Regular physical exercises not only can help you keep your body in a good shape, but can boost your brain activity. And it has become already a fact that 20-minutes walk before an exam can significantly improve your performance at the exam.

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